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3581 TEXT 소비진작…. 한국판 ‘블랙프라이데이’ 열린다 Black Friday Opens in Gwangju The national government is planning to begin a series of Black Friday sales events in October at department stores, markets and convenience shops across the… 09-23 1923
3580 TEXT 한전경제경영연구원, 싱가포르 연구센터와 국제협력 추진 KEPCO Economy Management Research Institute (KERMI) and Singapore NTU Economic Growth Centre Pledge international Exchanges Naju City’s KEPCO Economy Management Research I… 09-23 2138
3579 TEXT 광양시-유니세프, 24일 아동친화도시MOU Gwangyang and UNICEF Sign Child Friendly City MOU Gwangyang City and the Korean Committee of UNICEF will sign a Memorandum of Understanding on the 24that Gwangyang City Hall, in preparation for the ci… 09-23 2055
3578 TEXT 한•몽 수교 25주년 기념 10월 9일 교류음악회 Gwangju, Mongol Music Groups Celebrate 25th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations The Gwangju Municipal Gukak Orchestra will hold a joint musical performance with the Mongol National Morin Khu… 09-23 2023
3577 TEXT 광주시, 수출진흥자금 34억 융자 지원…지자체 '유일' Gwangju Provides 3.4 Billion Won in Loans to Export Promotion Fund Gwangju Metropolitan City has stated that it will provide 3.4 billion won in loans to resolve the finan… 09-23 2011
3576 TEXT 전남도, 추석 연휴 독거노인 안부 확인 등 대책마련 Jeollanamdo Province Provides Holiday Services for Seniors Jeollanamdo Province has announced that it will conduct special social measures to ensure the safety and well-being of se… 09-23 1997
3575 TEXT 광주·전남 8월 무역수지 불황형 흑자… 수출 뒷걸음질 Gwangju-Jeonnam Records Surplus, Remains in Recession New statistics show the Gwangju-Jeonnam region recorded a surplus of 800 million USD in import-export payments in August, bu… 09-22 2074
3574 TEXT 전남대병원 외상센터 개소…"외상환자 1시간내 치료" Chonnam National University Hospital Opens Trauma Center The Ministry of Health and Welfare has announced Chonnam National University will open a new Trauma Center on the 22nd. … 09-22 1945
3573 TEXT 한전, '광주 빅스포2015' 통해 미래 전력 신기술 제시 KEPCO Reveals New Electric Power Technologies at BIXPO2015 The Korean Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO)has announced it will hold the Bitgaram International Exposition of… 09-22 2159
3572 TEXT 광주시, 추석 연휴 특별 교통대책 추진 Special Traffic Measures to be in Effect in Gwangju for Chuseok Gwangju Metropolitan City announced on the 21st that Special Traffic Measures will be in effect to mitigate holiday traffic congestion … 09-22 2157
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