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3551 TEXT 담양세계대나무박람회 오늘 개막...45일간의 대향연 팡파르 2015 Damyang World Bamboo Fair Opens After five years of preparation, the 2015 Damyang World Bamboo Fair opens today in Damyang County. Opening ceremony events include a… 09-17 2105
3550 TEXT 광주 ACE 페어 17일 개막 Gwangju Ace Fair Kicks Off on 17th The 2015 Gwangju Asia Content and Entertainment Fair kicks off at Kim Dae Jung Convention Center, Seo-gu District, on September 17th. The event, which runs until the 20th, will be host… 09-17 1970
3549 TEXT 기아차 노조, 파업 찬반투표 가결 Kia Motors Employees to Strike As Hyundai Motors continues to struggle with a union walkout, the KIA Motors Labor Union also announced that its members have agreed to strike following a final decision of lab… 09-17 1892
3548 TEXT 광주시, 일본서110억 투자·수출협약 체결 Gwangju City, Japan Sign Investment and Export Contracts The Gwangju Investment Promotion Agency signed multiple investment and export contracts with several Japanese companies at the Tokyo Penins… 09-17 1864
3547 TEXT 광주 군 공항 이전 윤곽…연말까지 국방부 이전 협의 완료 Gwangju Military Airport Relocation Decision to Come by End of Year Gwangju Metropolitan City has submitted final results of feasibility studies into the relocation of Gwangju… 09-17 1956
3546 TEXT 광주시, 추석맞이 주요노선·관문도로 정비 Gwangju City Roads to Undergo Maintenance for Chuseok Gwangju Metropolitan City announced it is planning to undertake massive refurbishment and maintenance projects on the city’s major roads to… 09-17 1847
3545 TEXT 금호고속, 추석연휴 버스 4천600회 증편 운행 Kumho Express Expands Bus Schedules for Chuseok With Chuseok quickly approaching, Kumho Express Bus Line has announced it will expand their bus schedules to accommodate the mass transit of cit… 09-17 2033
3544 TEXT 여수~제주 항로에 국내최대 여객선 취항 New Yeosu-Jeju Route Opens With Nation’s Largest Ferry As the Korean thanksgiving holiday of Chuseok approaches, a newly opened ferry route between Yeosu and Jeju Island is expected to solve logis… 09-17 2122
3543 TEXT 광주 관광기념품 판매장 15일 개장…2천여점 전시·판매 Gwangju City Tourism Souvenir Shop to Open A Mudeung Mountain Tourism Souvenir Store opened in the Gwangju Cultural Foundation Traditional Culture Center on the 15th. The store w… 09-16 2083
3542 TEXT 전남 동부권 코레일 '내일로' 이용객 32만명 대기록 320,000 Travel to Jeonnam on “Rail-Ro” Pass The Korail Jeonnam Headquarters announced the 15ththat over 320,000 people have visited the Honam region in the past three mont… 09-16 2025
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