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3511 TEXT 여수시, 소비자신뢰 대표브랜드 '해양관광도시' 대상 Yeosu City Receives Consumer Confidence Brand Award Jeollanamdo Yeosu received the “Marine Tourism City Grand Prize” at the 2015 Master Consumer Confidence of Korea B… 09-10 1955
3510 TEXT 광양경제청, 중국 지난·선양서 투자유치 활동 Gwangyang Bay Area FEZ Authority Draws Interest in China The Gwangyang Bay Area Free Economic Zone Authority visited the cities of Jinan and Shenyang, China on the 9th to generate interes… 09-10 1893
3509 TEXT 최근 3년간 광주전남 지방세 결손액 812억원 Gwangju-Jeonnam Citizen Tax Arrears Total 81.2 Billion Won A new report shows that local individual tax deficits in Gwangju Metropolitan City and Jeollanamdo Province have reached a total sum of… 09-10 2034
3508 TEXT 목포시-주한 체코대사관 문화 교류 협약 Mokpo City Signs Cultural Exchange Agreement with Czech Republic Mokpo City, Jeollanamdo signed a new agreement for cultural cooperation with the Czech Republic on September 9th. Czech Ambassad… 09-10 2091
3507 TEXT "학생은 늘어가는데…"광주·전남 다문화교육 '빨간불' Multicultural Children in Crisis in Gwangju and Jeonnam Schools New information from the Education, Culture, Sports and Tourism Committee reveals that the number of mult… 09-10 2032
3506 TEXT KTX 광주-나주-함평 고막원 구간 2018년 완공 Second Honam KTX Route to be Completed in 2018 Construction of the the Honam KTX Songjung, Naju and Hampyung,Gomakwon route linking Songjeong and Mokpo is set to begin in October. According … 09-09 2046
3505 TEXT 남북 이산가족 100명씩 내달 20∼26일 상봉 South and North Korea Agree to Family Reunions from October 20th to 6th South and North Korea have agreed to a series of family reunions from October 20thto 26th. Confirmation came today that… 09-09 2015
3504 TEXT 돌고래호 선체 9일 인양…바지선 출항 Coast Guard to Salvage Dolphin Fishing Vessel The Korea Coast Guard began salvage of the sunken fishing vessel the Dolphin today, September 9th. According to the Coast Guard’s Jeju Regional Hea… 09-09 2060
3503 TEXT 광주의 최첨단 산단' 첨단3지구 개발사업 본격화 Gwangju City to Begin Development of Third Cheomdan Residential Area Gwangju City will start development work in the third Cheomdanjigu area. Recently, the Council of Gwangju Met… 09-09 2067
3502 TEXT ‘아트광주15’ 고무적인 성과 The Gwangju Art Fair Dubbed a Success The Gwangju Art Fair, held last week from September 3rd to 6th at Kim Dae Jung Convention center has been dubbed a success by event organizers. The local event showcase… 09-09 2073
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