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16155 TEXT 코스피 2.5% 하락, 원/달려 환율 1,240원대 마감 KOSPI 2.5% down, won to dollar exchange rate closed at 1,240 won On Mar. 17th, the KOSPI, or the Korea Composite Stock Price Index had dropped another 2.5%to drop to 1,670. Also, with the … 03-17 63
16154 TEXT 광주·전남서 2명 추가 확진 2 more confirmed patients within Gwangju. Jeonnam region There were 2 more confirmed patients appearing within the Gwangju and Jeonnam regions on Mar. 17th. According to health authorities on Mar. 17th, there was… 03-17 66
16153 TEXT 코로나19 계속되면 40주년 5.18 기념행사 차질 불가피 Inevitable difficulties expected with May 18th 40th Anniversary Event There are difficulties expected with the May 18th 40th Anniversary Event planned for this year with the COVID19… 03-17 58
16152 TEXT '광주형 일자리' 좌초 위기 'Gwangju Type Job' at risk The 'Gwangju Type Job' project is still at a loss with the Labor side having withdrawn from the agreement. There are raised concerns as Gwangju city, which … 03-17 60
16151 TEXT 대법, 영부인 사칭 속아 공천대가 건넨 윤장현 前시장 유죄 확정 Yoon JangHyun(윤장현), the former mayor of Gwangju city confirmed guilty South Korea's top court on Tuesday affirmed a lower court ruling that gave a suspended ja… 03-17 54
16150 TEXT KBO 도쿄올림픽 사전 등록 명단111명 발표 KBO Tokyo Olympics pre-registration list of 111 players announced The list of KBO players to be pre-registered for the Tokyo Olympics is confirmed. From the Tigers, 9 players are included on the l… 03-17 47
16149 TEXT 코로나19,전남 문화예술·여행업계90%이상 수입↓ COVID19 effect causes culture, arts and tour industries within Jeonnam income to decrease over 90% It was reported that there were more than a 90% reduction in income for the culture, arts… 03-17 68
16148 TEXT 개강 첫날 온라인 강의 대체한 대학 곳곳에서 말썽 Problems at universities with substituted online classes Inconveniences forstudents continued due to the online lectures being conducted to substitute for face-to-face classes amid the CO… 03-17 55
16147 TEXT 화순서 확진자 발생,광주13번 접촉자 1 more confirmed patient in Hwasun(화순), contact with Gwangju’s 13thpatient There was a new confirmed patient with COVID19 within the Hwasun(화순) region. According to the disinfection authoriti… 03-17 67
16146 TEXT 영부인 사칭 속아 공천대가 건넨 윤장현 전 시장 유죄 확정 Yoon JangHyun(윤장현), the former mayor of Gwangju city confirmed guilty Yoon JangHyun(윤장현), the former mayor of Gwangju city who was indicted for violating the Publi… 03-17 55
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