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19539 TEXT '코로나19 연쇄 감염' 광주·전남 하루 9명 확진 9 COVID19 infected patients in Gwangju Jeonnam regions The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions had 9 infected patients yesterday. According to Gwangju City today, there were 4 new case… 07-09 35
19538 TEXT 민주노총 전국 대의원 대회, 19일 광주 KDJ센터서 개최 KCTU holding National Delegate Gathering on the 19th at Gwangju KDJ Center The Korean Confederation of Trade Unions or KCTU will hold a large gathering between temporary national dele… 07-09 32
19537 TEXT 광주시 "도시가스 업체 매각, 시장 인가받아야" 정부에 건의 Gwangju City appeals to the govt. "City gas corporation sale must be approved by the mayor" Gwangju City requested system improvement from the government regarding the recen… 07-09 27
19536 TEXT 신재생 에너지 전시회'SWEET 2021' 개막…245개사 참여 Renewable Energy Fair, 'SWEET 2021' opened with 245 companies participating The International Renewable Energy Fair, 'Solar, Wind and Earth Energy Trade Fair or … 07-09 28
19535 TEXT '휴가철 관광객·타지역 접촉'…광주 3명·여수 1명확진 Gwangju 3, Yeosu(여수) 1 infected from tourists and other regionalpatients As of yesterday, there were 3 new cases in Gwangju and 1 in Jeonnam's Yeosu(여수) conf… 07-09 30
19534 TEXT 광주도 확진자 증가세…젊은층·소규모 집단감염 비율 높아 Gwangju with increased infections, younger generation and small cluster infection ratio higher Gwangju City is showingan increasing rate of COVID 19 transmission. This is ami… 07-09 14
19533 TEXT 광주·전남 5월 제조업 생산·수출 큰 폭 증가 Gwangju Jeonnam regions with dramatic rise in the manufacturing industry's production and exports in May The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions' manufacturing production and export rate has i… 07-09 13
19532 TEXT 여순사건특별법 공청회 9일 순천시청서 개최 YeoSun(여순) Incident Special Law public hearing held on the 9th at Suncheon(순천) City Hall There is a public hearing for the tasks and regional role to be played since the YeoSun(여순)… 07-09 18
19531 TEXT 광주·전남서 지역사회 감염 지속…11명 신규 확진 Gwangju and Jeonnam withregional transmission continuing, 11 new patients added The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions are continuing to experience regional transmission of COVID19. This is a… 07-08 18
19530 TEXT 전남 장맛비 집중호우 피해, 양식장·축사로 확산 Jeonnam Seasonal Rain damage expanding to aqua farms and barns The Jeonnam region's official seasonal rain damage investigations have begun, with damage to aqua farms and barns being … 07-08 16
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