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18851 TEXT 다수 확진자 나온 광주 동전노래방 환풍기서 바이러스 검출 Gwangju detects COVID-19 virus on fan at singing room that is center of cluster infection The City of Gwangju health officials detected the COVID-19 virus on a vent at the … 03-29 47
18850 TEXT 광주·전남 서부권 황사경보…동부권은 미세먼지 주의보 Yellow dust warnings issued across the country Yellow dust covered most part of South Korea today. Gwangju and Jeonnam were not an exception. Hyeong-jin Roh reports. Stron… 03-29 29
18849 TEXT 광주·전남서도 고농도 황사 관측, 30일까지 영향(종합) Gwangju Jeonnam with heavy yellowdust forecast until the 30th Gwangju and Jeonnam regions are observing a high concentration of yellow dust. This is according to the Gwangju … 03-29 95
18848 TEXT 광주시, 2025년 세계 양궁선수권대회 유치 도전 Gwangju City trying to attract the 2025 World Archery Championships Gwangju City is trying to attract the 2025 World Archery Championships. According to the City on Mar. 29th, the champi… 03-29 44
18847 TEXT 광주 동전노래방 관련 대학 기숙사생 확진(종합) Gwangju Coin-Singing Room cases spread to university student Gwangju's DongGu(동구) district coin-singing room related cases are spreading, with a universitystudent confirmed as well… 03-29 62
18846 TEXT 광주시, 시민 아이디어로 도시 재생 '해법 찾기' Gwangju City to find 'solutions' for urban regeneration with citizens' ideas Gwangju City and the Gwangju Urban Regeneration Community Center will hold an idea conte… 03-29 30
18845 TEXT 광주, 전국 최초 에너지산업 융복합 거점 '투 트랙' Gwangju to establish Energy Industry Integrated Base, first in the country Gwangju City is speeding up its establishment for the Energy Industry Integrated Complex, which was … 03-29 29
18844 TEXT 광주송정역 주차·교통난 해소위해 주차대행 도입 Gwangju Song-jeong (송정) Station to adopt parking agency service. Gwangju's Gwangsan-gu (광산구) district announced that it will introduce a valet parking service in effort t… 03-26 61
18843 TEXT 광주20개 기업,자원봉사단협의체 구성…"사회적 재난,체계적 대응" 20 Companies in Gwangju to form volunteer consultative group. The City of Gwangju reported that 20 local businesses, including Gwangju Bank, Kumho Tire, and Kia ha… 03-26 49
18842 TEXT 10월 전남국제농업박람회,규모 줄이고 방역 강화 Jeonnam International Agriculture Exhibition to be reduced in size. The Jeollanamdo International Agriculture Expo announced that it will reduce the size of its festival and events, or ev… 03-26 45
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