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19252 TEXT 광주 지하철 공사 구간 주변 불법주정차 집중 단속 Gwangju Metro Construction Sectors crackdown on illegal parking and stopping Gwangju Metro Line No. 2's construction sites will be examined with a reinforced crackdown on illegal … 05-28 66
19251 TEXT CCTV관제센터 감염 여파, 광주 북부경찰 17명 자가격리 CCTV Control Center infection results in 17 police officers at Gwangju Bukbu(북부) station under self quarantine Due to the transmission of COVID19 at the Gwangju City CCTV Contr… 05-28 66
19250 TEXT 해남사랑상품권 발행2년만에 판매2021억원 돌파 Haenam’s local gift certificates reach over 20 billion won in sales Jeollanamdo's Haenam (해남) County announced that its local gift certificate, the Haenam (해남) Sarang (사랑… 05-27 77
19249 TEXT 코로나 확산에도 여수 찾은 봄 관광객 늘어 Yeosu sees increased number of tourists despite virus outbreaks Jeollanamdo's Yeosu City announced that the number of tourists visiting the city has increased, despite the continuing outbrea… 05-27 76
19248 TEXT 광주서도AZ백신1차 접종 재개…첫날8천469명 Gwangju resumes the COVID-19 inoculation program with AstraZeneca vaccines. The City of Gwangju resumed the AstraZeneca vaccine inoculation program on the 27th for citizens aged 65 to 74 and peop… 05-27 56
19247 TEXT 광주서 학교·콜센터·버스터미널 등 산발 감염 지속 Gwangju continues to report COVID-19 outbreaks in local society The City of Gwangju announced that it continues to report COVID-19 cases from multiuse facilities in the local area. … 05-27 57
19246 TEXT 광주·전남 코로나19 확진자 31명…지역감염 잇따라 Gwangju Jeonnam regions with 31 infected cases found The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions are continuing to have sporadic infection transmission, reaching daily cases in the 30s for 2 cons… 05-27 70
19245 TEXT 병무청, 고교 졸업생에 취업맞춤특기병 추천, 전역 후 취업 MMA recommending Employment Customized Specialized Soldiers for high school graduates to be employed after services The Military Manpower Administration or MMA with Jung S… 05-27 61
19244 TEXT 광주시청 선별검사소 야간검사 폭증…"밤 9시 접수 제한" Gwangju City Hall Screening Clinic Night Testing available, "9pm application restriction" Gwangju City is spiking in the number of COVID 19 testing quantities alo… 05-27 65
19243 TEXT 전남 이주노동자 3명 중 1명하루11시간 이상 근무 1 out of 3 Jeonnam Migrant Laborers working over 11 hours per day A survey result showed that 1 out of 3 migrant laborers within the Jeonnam region are working more than 11 hours per day.… 05-27 67
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