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18781 TEXT 기아 차체부품 납품' 호원노조 이틀째 점거농성…교착 상태(종합) KIA's plant occupied in strike for 2nd day The Howon(호원) Labor Union is proceeding with its strike against KIA Motors for the 2nd day on Mar. 17th. This… 03-17 44
18780 TEXT [광주 남구소식] 남자 양궁단 창단…아시안컵 대회 개최 Gwangju's Namgu(남구) forms Men's Archery Team in preparation for the Asian Cup Gwangju's Namgu(남구) District held a launch ceremony for the men's arch… 03-17 51
18779 TEXT 민간인 쐈던 5·18 계엄군, 유족 찾아 무릎꿇고 사과…첫 사례 First May 18th Martial Military Soldier to visit bereaved family members and apologize A soldier that participated at the time of the May 18th Democratization Movement as Ma… 03-17 53
18778 TEXT 광주시·자치구, 인공지능·탄소중립 시민 체감 사업 공동 추진 Gwangju City promoting AI, carbon-neutral citizens experience projects Gwangju City decided to promote Artificial Intelligence and Carbon-Neutral City Creation in 5 dist… 03-17 48
18777 TEXT "잊혀지면 안되는 日 강제동원"…시민역사관 건립 추진 Civic History Hall establishment promoted There is a historic hall establishment being promoted within Gwangju City. This is to store the records of the victims of forced labor a… 03-17 54
18776 TEXT 택배 상·하차 이주민 허용 추진 Loading trucks and stacking boxes to involve migrant laborers The government is promoting migrant laborers' employment for loading trucks and stacking boxes. In response to this, the labor field and m… 03-17 40
18775 TEXT 한전공대법 '법안 소위 통과'…내년 정상개교 급물살 KEPCO Tech 'Bill passed through the review' to open next year The KEPCO or Korea ElectricPower Corporation's Tech University Special Law has passed through th… 03-17 46
18774 TEXT 4월부터 장기체류 외국인도 순서따라 예방접종 Foreigners with long-term residence to be inoculated starting Apr. The health authorities revealed that foreigners who have been residing in the country for more than 3 months will be vacci… 03-17 50
18773 TEXT 광주 최근 1주일간 확진자 11명 안정세…수도권 유입 불안 Gwangju with 11 infected patients found within last week Gwangju City showed a rather calming trend of COVID19 transmission, whereas the capital areas' infection rates are … 03-16 49
18772 TEXT 광주·전남 YMCA "오월광주 닮은 미얀마, 민주 투쟁 연대를" Gwangju Jeonnam YMCA "Myanmar situation needs democratic solidarity" The Gwangju Jeonnam regions' YMCA or the Young Men's Christian Association criticized the Myanmar … 03-16 41
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