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16401 TEXT 광주전남 3월 수입 큰폭 감소…무역수지 11억달러 흑자 Gwangju Jeonnam has dramatic decrease in Mar. imports, $1.1 billion surplus from the trade balance The March 2020Gwangju Jeonnam trade balance recorded a $1.1 billion surplus. … 04-17 74
16400 TEXT 광주시, 해외 입국자 18일부터 생활치료센터 입소 행정명령 Gwangju to apply self-quarantine rules to all overseas arrivals from tomorrow Gwangju city issued an administrative order to put all overseas arrivals under quarantine measur… 04-17 84
16399 TEXT 목포지청,코로나19자가격리 위반2명 불구속 기소 Mokpo(목포) Office of Prosecutors’ indicted 2 violators of self-quarantine for COVID19 The Mokpo(목포) branch of the Gwangju District Prosecutors’ Office indicted 2 people who viola… 04-17 76
16398 TEXT 3월 광주전남 취업자1만6천명 감소…고용률도 하락 Mar. Gwangju Jeonnam employed decreased by 16,000, reduction in the employment rate also The number of employed people within the Gwangju and Jeonnam region in Mar. decreased by 16,000 c… 04-17 74
16397 TEXT Voting for 2020 General election nearing its end Voting for this year’s general elections has almost came to an end. We have Jongmin Kim on the phone at 남구 polling station for more details on the election. South Korea went through with its Gener… 04-17 73
16396 TEXT 광주 거주 해외 입국자2명 코로나19추가 확진(종합) 2 Gwangju residents entering from overseas infected with COVID19 There were 2 entrants from overseas who were infected with COVID19 who arrived in Gwangju. Therefore, this marks in tota… 04-17 98
16395 TEXT 전국 초·중·고400만명 집에서 개학…한숨 섞인 온라인 교실 4 million elementary, middle and high school students started online-school classes, raising concerns All schools across the country had their online-school opening on Apr. 1… 04-17 100
16394 TEXT '2차 개학'에 광주 초·중·고 8만명 온라인 수업…커지는 혼란 Gwangju Elementary, Middle and High School students of 80,000 started online-classes, confusion arising With the extension of the online… 04-16 86
16393 TEXT 광주·전남 경찰, 21대 총선 선거사범 129명 단속(종합) Gwangju Jeonnam Police to crack down on 129 election offenses Gwangju Jeonnam police operated a crackdown on 129 people for election offenses during the 21st General Election. Gwa… 04-16 116
16392 TEXT 민주당 광주 당선인, '광주형 일자리' 해법 모색 Democratic Party to seek for solutions for the 'Gwangju Type Job' The elected members of the Democratic Party of Gwangju constituencies are seeking solutions for the �… 04-16 87
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