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16026 TEXT NEW POST 광주 시내버스3월8일까지 감차 운행 연장 Gwangju Intra-city buses to reduce operations until Mar. 8th Gwangju city revealed on Feb. 28ththat the intra-city buses will be reducing operations until Mar. 8th. This is due to the COVID 19 spread… 02-28 13
16025 TEXT NEW POST 광주시,신천지 신도230명 이상 증상 호소에도 검사'주저' Gwangju city ‘hesitating’ for diagnostic tests upon 230 Shincheonji members with suspected symptoms There are rising concerns for the staggering response toward 230 … 02-28 15
16024 TEXT NEW POST “대구·경북 도우러 갑니다"광주·전남 의료진 지원 손길 Gwangju Jeonnam regions’ medical staff to support for Daegu(대구) GyungBuk(경북) regions With the increase of COVID 19 infected, there is medical support being offered t… 02-28 9
16023 TEXT NEW POST 우체국,공적 마스크 판매 첫날,주민들 곳곳에서 헛걸음 Public masks sold for the first day at Post Office, residents returned in vain As the public masks supply across the country began, the sales of public masks through public distrib… 02-28 7
16022 TEXT NEW POST 당국"맥박·혈압 등5가지 지표로 코로나19환자 중증도 평가" Authorities to examine COVID19 patients’ severity with 5 indicators such as pulse and blood pressure Health authorities will be responding to patients’severity using 5 ind… 02-28 4
16021 TEXT NEW POST 국내 코로나19확진자315명 늘어,총2,337명,광주.전남 추가확진자0 Domestic COVID 19 infected increased by 315, total 2,337; No additional confirmed cases within the Gwangju Jeonnam regions As of Feb. 28th, there are 571 added confirmed… 02-28 6
16020 TEXT 국내 코로나19확진자256명 늘어,총2,022명,광주.전남 추가확진자0 Domestic COVID 19 infected increased by 256, total 2,022; No additional confirmed cases within the Gwangju Jeonnam regions As of Feb. 28th, there are 256 added confirmed… 02-28 21
16019 TEXT 광주 첫 코로나 환자, '신천지 공부방'간 사실 숨겼다 First infected patient of Gwangju hid visit to Shincheonji Study Center It has been verified that the first infected Shincheonji member of COVID19 within Gwangju region h… 02-28 17
16018 TEXT 광주시"코로나19현황,공식SNS로 팩트체크 하세요" Gwangju city, “COVID19 current status can be fact-checked through its official SNS” Gwangju city revealed on Feb. 27ththat there is an official SNS to provide accurate information … 02-28 16
16017 TEXT 광주 전남 신천지 전수조사에서290명 증세 호소 Gwangju Jeonnam regions’ Shincheonji Enumeration Survey, 290 with symptoms It has been revealed that there were 230 people in Gwangju and 60 in Jeonnam regions who expressedrespiratory sy… 02-28 20
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