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353 TEXT 지난해 F1 경주장 운영, 경제효과 500억원 Operation of F1 Circuit Recorded 50 Billion Won worth of Economic Effect Last Year Jeollanamdo has announced that the operation of the Korea Formula 1 Circuit or the Korea International Circuit in… 07-23 3886
352 TEXT 강진 청자축제기간, 청자 특별할인 Gangjin-Made Celadon to be On sale During the Festival Period Gangjin Celadon Festival is set to take place from July 27th to August 3rd and Gangjin-produced celadon will be on special sale throughout t… 07-23 4169
351 TEXT 여수시, ‘시민과의 소통행정’ 힘쓴다 Yeosu to Work on Improving Communication with Citizens The city of Yeosu will publicly recruit ‘civil committee members’ to effectively reflect citizens’ opinions on different affairs in muni… 07-22 3832
350 TEXT 광주시, 환경민원 매뉴얼 마련한다 Gwangju to Prepare Manual for Environmental Complains As part of an effort to effectively deal with environmental affairs and complains in the city, Gwangju has prepared a set of manuals for regulations … 07-22 4225
349 TEXT 전남 지자체, 의회 ‘농민 살릴 대책’ 정부에 촉구 Municipalities in Jeollanamdo Request Countermeasures for Collapsing Rice Industry to the Government The City Mayor and the District Governor Association in Jeollanamdo strongly urg… 07-22 3664
348 TEXT 광주국제영화제 - 중국 영화제 교류 강화 Gwangju International Film Festival Reinforces Ties with Chinese Film Festival Organizers for the Gwangju International Film Festival will strengthen cultural and administrative ties with Chines… 07-22 4221
347 TEXT 금남로에서 물총 축제 Water Pistol Festival in Geumnamro A Water Pistol Festival is set to take place on July 26th from 1 p.m. on Geumnamro Street. Occurring for the first time in the Shinchon area of Seoul, the Water Pistol Festival feat… 07-22 4290
346 TEXT 광주, 도시지역 면적비율 95.8%로 서울 다음 전국 최대 Urban Area in Gwangju Marks the Highest Figures in the Nation after Seoul Gwangju recorded the highest figures in the nation after Seoul for the proportion of urban area at 95.8… 07-22 3961
345 TEXT 광주전남 폭염주의보 Heat Wave Advisory Issued in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo Gwangju Regional Meteorological Administration has announced it will issue a heat wave advisory in the Gwangju, Gokseong, Gurye and Hwasun regions as the highest tempe… 07-22 3922
344 TEXT 광주지역 아파트, ‘음식물 종량제’로 쓰레기 37% 줄여 Gwangju Apartment Complex Cuts Food Waste by 37 Percent with Volume-rate Disposal System Regional apartment complexes currently operating ‘volume-rate disposal systems for fo… 07-22 4233
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