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1802 TEXT 광주 U대회 ‘스마트 소통’ 운영한다 Gwangju Universiade to Utilize Social Network Service for the Universaide Organizers for the 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade will utilize a social network service to effectively manage games and s… 01-28 2528
1801 TEXT 충북도의회, 호남고속철 서대전 역 경유 반대 건의안 채택 North Chungcheong Province to Adopt ‘Oppositional Resolution on Inclusion of Seodaejeon Station on Honam KTX’ North Chungcheong Province and its provincial council have… 01-28 2549
1800 TEXT 호남 고속철도 개통, 4월로 늦춰진다 Opening of Honam KTX to be Postponed to April Opening of the Honam Express railway or Honam KTX linking Osong of North Chungcheong province and Gwangju Songjeong station will be postponed from the sch… 01-28 2270
1799 TEXT 광주시, ‘차이나 프렌들리’ 정책 본격 가동 Gwangju to Operate ‘China Friendly’ Policy The city of Gwangju will officially begin its operation of ‘China Friendly’ Policy from this week. The city will sign a Memorandum of U… 01-27 2185
1798 TEXT 광주 김치 베트남 첫 수출 Gwangju Made Kimchi to be Introduced in Vietnam The Gwangju-made Korean traditional side dish, Kimchi, was exported to Vietnam for the first time last week. Gwangju Joint Kimchi Brand, ‘Kimchi-gwang’ exported… 01-27 2379
1797 TEXT 세월호 사고 피해자들, ‘안산~팽목항 도보행진’ Victims of the Sewol Ferry Disaster to Carry Out ‘Walking March’ from Ahnsan to Paengmok Harbor The April 16th Family Association, comprised of some 300 victims of the April 16th … 01-27 2551
1796 TEXT 올 해 첫 ‘문화가 있는 수요일’ 행사 열린다 This Year’s First ‘Cultural Wednesday’ Event to be Held This year’s first ‘Cultural Wednesday’ event will be held this Wednesday across the city of Gwangju, featuring classical… 01-27 2444
1795 TEXT 광주 U대회 성화봉송 주자 모집한다 Torch Relay Runners for the Universiade to be Recruited in Gwangju Nearly 3,000 torch relay runners for this year’s Gwangju Summer Universiade will be recruited from February 3rd to the 13th. Anyon… 01-27 2465
1794 TEXT 광주전남 기온 떨어져 추운 날씨 예상 Temperatures in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo Plummet Temperatures have plummeted again this morning and gusty winds will make it feel colder than it really is in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo today. Accordin… 01-27 2318
1793 TEXT 국내 최초 ‘저심도 지하철’, 안전성 검증된다 Safety Check to be Carried Out for Shallow Depth Subway Route no.2 in Gwangju The city of Gwangju will carry out a safety check on the shallow depth Subway that has been finalized as … 01-27 2762
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