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16848 TEXT 광주 주요 사립대, 등록금 감면 "현재 계획 없어" Gwangju's majorprivate universities "have no plans for tuition reduction" Gwangju city's major private schools revealed that there are no plans for tuition reduction as of n… 06-16 100
16847 TEXT '전두환 치욕 동상' 5·18 광장에 남는다…全 재판 선고 때까지 'Cheon DooHwan(전두환) shameful statue' to remain at May 18th Square A statue of Cheon DooHwan(전두환),built to remember his crimes, is to be es… 06-16 48
16846 TEXT 농작물 침수·주택파손·오수역류…주말 폭우에 곳곳 '아수라장' Agricultural crops flooded, residential houses damaged, and sewers backed up; weekend's heavy rain left impacts Due to the heavy rain last weekend, th… 06-16 58
16845 TEXT 광주형 일자리 GGM 결실' 전국 제1호 상생형 지역일자리 선정 Gwangju Type Job, GGM achievement, the first Win-Win regional jobs selected Gwangju Global Motors or the GGM, a result of the labor and management win-win project, has… 06-16 52
16844 TEXT KIA 류지혁, 대퇴 이두근 파열 KIA's Ryu JiHyuk(류지혁) has a ruptured thigh muscle KIA Tigers' Ryu JiHyuk(류지혁) was diagnosed with a left biceps femoris rupture on Jun 15th. This was discovered after close examination cond… 06-15 64
16843 TEXT 광주시, 무등갤러리 등 3곳 거점 예술여행센터 선정 Gwangju City to select 3 'Arts Tourism Centers' including Mudeung(무등) Gallery Gwangju City revealed on Jun. 15th that there were 3 Arts Tourism Centers selected to lead t… 06-15 59
16842 TEXT 도시계획 시설 일몰제 보름 앞…장기 미집행 도로·공원 운명은 Sunset Law for city planning just 2 weeks ahead, destiny of the long-awaited paths and parks drawing attention There are city planning facilities quickly organizing lon… 06-15 57
16841 TEXT 광주시·한전, 협약 4년 만에 에너지파크 착공…내년 7월 개관 Gwangju City, KEPCO to initiate Energy Park establishment after 4 years of agreement, to open in Jul. 2022 The Energy Park establishment has begun 4 years after its agre… 06-15 63
16840 TEXT 문대통령"남북관계 멈춰선 안돼"평화약속 돌릴 수 없다" Moon urges N. Korea not to backtrack on agreed-upon peace efforts President Moon JaeIn(문재인) called on North Korea on Jun. 15th not to stop a peace journey despite some trou… 06-15 81
16839 TEXT 국내 코로나19확진자총12,121, 37명 추가, '리치웨이' 확진자 총 169명 Domestic COVID 19 infected totals 12,121 increased by 37, 'Rich Way' infected totals 169 cases Domestic COVID19 infections increased by 37 for Ju… 06-15 108
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