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17557 TEXT 개천절 서울 집회 동향에 광주 방역 당국도 촉각…"제발 집에" Seoul(서울) Rallies scheduled forNational Foundation Dayalarm Gwangju disinfection authorities as well Gwangju disinfection authorities are alarmed by the upcoming Nati… 09-17 97
17556 TEXT 제1회 광주 수영선수권대회 올해 개최 무산…내년으로 연기 The first Gwangju Aquatics Championshipspostponed This year's Gwangju Aquatics Championships, promoted as the legacy project of the 2019 Gwangju FINA World Aquatics Ch… 09-17 103
17555 TEXT 전남 농업분야 호우·태풍 복구지원비 644억원서 30% 인상 Jeonnam agricultural fields restoration support funds increased by 30% The government's Disaster Support Funds were increased by some 20 billion won from the former 64.4 bill… 09-16 96
17554 TEXT "집합금지 해제하라"…노래방 업주들 광주시청 항의방문 Noraebang(노래방) business owners file complaints to Gwangju City The Gwangju region's Noraebang(노래방) or Singing Hall business owners visited City Hall, complaining … 09-16 98
17553 TEXT 정부 "개천절 불법집회 87건 금지...단순 참가자도 처벌 가능"PM warns of stern response against mass Oct 3rd rallies amid pandemic The Prime Minister Jung SaeGyun(정세균) pleaded with conservative civic groups today to withdraw plans… 09-16 95
17552 TEXT 국내 코로나19확진자총22,504, 총 113명 추가, 신규 확진자 2주 동안 200명 이하 Domestic COVID 19 infections total 22,504, increased by 113, new daily virus cases under 200 for 2 weeks The number of daily COVID19 cases in the nation… 09-16 96
17551 TEXT 광주 코로나19일일 확진자 일주일째 한 자릿수 Gwangju sees seventh day in a row of single-digit COVID-19 cases Gwangju city recorded a single-digit rise in coronavirus infections for the seven straight days, confirming two new cases on Wed… 09-16 97
17550 TEXT '혁신도시 vs 세종시' 국비지원 격차 6배…또 다른 불균형 Innovative City VS Sejong(세종) City, national fund support difference by 6 times It was discovered that 10 innovative cities established in Jeonnam Naju(나주) Ci… 09-16 101
17549 TEXT 광주서 밤사이 신규 확진 1명…지역사회 감염 36일째 Gwangjuwith 1 infection case overnight, 36 consecutive days of regional transmission Gwangju City had 1 additional infection case found overnight to total 484 infected patients within… 09-16 96
17548 TEXT 태풍·호우 재난지원금 대폭 인상…이달 내 지급 Increased Typhoon and heavy rainfall Disaster Support Funds to be distributed this month The government's Disaster Support Funds arranged for those affected by the typhoon and heavyra… 09-16 104
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