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18134 TEXT 광주, 전남, 추가 확진자, 광주 731, 전남 429명 Gwangju Jeonnam with additional infection cases, Gwangju totals 731 and Jeonnam 429 Gwangju City had 3 additional infection cases found to total 731 so far. In the Jeonnam region, there were… 12-03 58
18133 TEXT '광주~나주~목포 잇는 광역철도망' 구축…나주서 신호탄 'Gwangju-Naju(나주)- Mokpo(목포) Wide Area Railway Network' to be established, beginning from Naju(나주) Jeonnam's Naju(나주) City began theGwan… 12-03 62
18132 TEXT 광주운전면허시험장 건립된다…실시설계비 20억 확정 Gwangju Drivers' License Test Center to be established, 2 billion won confirmed for construction fees The Gwangju Drivers' License Test Center will be established. This i… 12-03 68
18131 TEXT 광주시 청년예산 대폭 삭감…"청년 삶 외면" 반발(종합) Gwangju City reduces youth budget dramatically, opposition faced Gwangju City's next year's budget for youth policies has decreased dramatically, which will face opposit… 12-02 72
18130 TEXT '5·18 단체에 공법단체 지위 부여' 정무위 법안소위 통과 'May 18th organizations acknowledged as public law organization's bill processed A founding law to acknowledge the May 18th Democratization Movement related… 12-02 75
18129 TEXT 광주 초·중·고, 3∼11일 3분의 1 등교 Gwangju Elementary, Middle, and High Schools with one-third attendance between Dec. 3rd and 11th The Gwangju Office of Education revealed on Dec. 2nd that there will be only one-third of the total number o… 12-02 71
18128 TEXT 수능 맞춰"100시간 멈춤"…광주 3∼6일 나흘간 2단계 적용(종합) Gwangju with 2nd level of Social Distancing in effect from Dec. 3rd to 6th Gwangju City decided to apply the 2nd level of Social Distancing measuresbetween Dec. 3rd and … 12-02 126
18127 TEXT 비상시 국민행동요령, 외국인용 리플렛 제작 배부 Emergency Procedures Manual for Foreigners produced and distributed The Ministry of the Interior and Safety revealed on Dec. 2nd that there will be a total of 600,000 leaflets and b… 12-02 73
18126 TEXT 광주·전남 내일 수능 97개 시험장서…마스크 착용 필수 Gwangju-Jeonnam with 97 CSAT locations for tomorrow, mask wearing mandated Gwangju Jeonnam regions will have a total 97 College Scholastic Ability Test or CSAT locations for tomo… 12-02 65
18125 TEXT 119 Reporting through messages, app, and video calls 119 신고, 문자, 앱, 영상통화로 There are '119 Various Media Reporting Services' promotions ongoing regarding disaster situation reporting. This is for not only phone calls but a… 12-02 75
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