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20430 TEXT 광주시, 21∼22일 세계양궁연맹 현지실사 준비 Gwangju preparing for onsite inspection for World Archery Federation on the 21st and 22nd Gwangju City revealed on the 11th that there are preparations ongoing for an onsite inspection by the W… 11-11 20
20429 TEXT 요양병원서 17명 집단감염…광주·전남 49명 신규 확진 Gwangju Jeonnam with 49 patients including 17 cluster transmission cases from nursing hospital The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions had a total of 49 new patients yesterday. According … 11-11 23
20428 TEXT 외국인 일손 풀렸지만 주52시간제 제약 Foreigner laborers entrance allowed, 52 hours per week restriction applied With the new disinfection system of Living With COVID19 or Daily Recovery with COVID19 in practice, the government resumed th… 11-11 22
20427 TEXT 광주 비정규직 평균 월급164만원…정규직 절반 수준 Gwangju Irregular Workers' Average Salary1.6 million won, half of Regular Workers' It was discovered that the average monthly salary of irregular workers in Gwangju City was h… 11-11 21
20426 TEXT 여수 화학물질 제조 공장서 원유 대량 유출 Yeosu(여수) Chemical Substance Production Factory with crude oil mass leakage Jeonnam’s Yeosu(여수) City had an accident with mass leakage of crude oil from a chemical factory. As part of… 11-11 20
20425 TEXT "오만하고 실망스럽다"…尹 사과 지켜본 광주 시민사회'싸늘'(종합) "Arrogant and disappointing", Gwangju Civic Society chilly after Yoon's apology Gwangju Civic Societies are showing a chilly attitude toward Yoon Seo… 11-11 23
20424 TEXT 제조업생산·수출·취업자수 광주↓· 전남↑ Manufacturing Production, Exports, Employees decreased in Gwangju but rose in Jeonnam Gwangju City's production and exports as well as the number of employees in the manufacturing industry… 11-10 23
20423 TEXT 광주·전남 10월 취업자 3만명 증가 Gwangju Jeonnam Oct. employees increased by 30,000 The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions' employed people increased by 30,000 people last month. This is only a 2,000 rise in Gwangju City whereas the Jeonnam… 11-10 27
20422 TEXT 광주시, 공공배달앱 등 적극행정 우수사례 선정 Gwangju City selected Proactive Administrative Excellent Cases including Public Delivery App and others Gwangju City revealed on the 10th that there was a Proactive Administrative Committee … 11-10 27
20421 TEXT 요소수 품귀, 광주시 '5자 긴급회의' 11일 Urea Water Solution shortage, Gwangju City to hold '5-parties Emergency Meeting' on the 11th Gwangju City is stepping forward to come up with emergency countermeasures in response … 11-10 22
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