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302 TEXT 광주시, 매주 수요일은 ‘가족의 날’ 지정 Gwangju Designates Wednesday as ‘Family Day’ The city of Gwangju will reportedly expand the ‘Family Day’ from the previous twice a month to every Wednesday of the week. The Family … 07-16 3869
301 TEXT 광주시청서 18일 ‘넬슨 만델라의 날’ 행사 ‘Nelson Mandela Int’l Day’ to be celebrated in Gwangju City Hall Nelson Mandela Day or Mandela Day that celebrates the late former president of Republic of South Africa, Nelson Mandela… 07-16 3924
300 TEXT 목포해양문화축제서 명품 해양영화 무료 상영 Maritime Movie to be Available for Free at Mokpo The city of Mokpo will showcase free maritime and ocean-themed movies from July 31st to August 3rd at Primus Cinema in Mokpo and Samhakdo f… 07-16 4133
299 TEXT 완도 청산도, 신지도 농식품부 농촌 휴가지 선정 Wando, Cheongsando and Shinjido Island to be Selected by the Agriculture Ministry Wando’s Cheongsando (청산도) and Shinjido (신지도) islands have been selected as ‘Top 30 Farmi… 07-16 4426
298 TEXT 중국최고 스타작가, 민주화항쟁 현장 담는다 China’s Star Artist to Reflect on Democratic Center of Korea in Gwangju A world-renowned Chinese artist, Liu Xiaodong, is currently residing in Gwangju to operate an artistic residency th… 07-15 4378
297 TEXT 추석에 물가 들썩, 서민 가계 한숨 Consumer Price Jumps Before Chuseok, Citizens’ Worry Grows Leading up to one of Korea’s two biggest holidays, Chuseok or Thanksgiving Day, the consumer price index is rising, causing concerns among citi… 07-15 4095
296 TEXT 이낙연 전남지사, 호남고속철도 등 국비 요청 Jeollanamdo Governor Lee Nak-yeon Asks National Expenditure for Provincial Projects Jeollanamdo governor Lee Nak-yeon made a visit to the Ministry of Strategy and Finance yesterday to reques… 07-15 3607
295 TEXT 빛가람 도시 정보 공유 사이트 오늘 오픈 Information Webpage for Bitgaram City Opens Today Sarangbang Media opened a ‘Bitgaram Innovation City Website’ today, which aims to gather and share daily life information and tips for reside… 07-15 3845
294 TEXT 전남 경제, 중국의존도 높아졌다 Jeollanamdo’s Economic Dependence on China Grows Jeollanamdo's economic dependence on China continues to grow as major export revenues from regional farming and fisheries goods and sales profits from … 07-15 4168
293 TEXT 상반기 한국독립영화, 광주극장에서 Korean Indie Films Coming to Gwangju Cinema A series of Korean independent films produced and premiered in the early half of 2014 will be showcased at Gwangju’s one and only independent movie theatre… 07-15 3856
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