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20370 TEXT 중학생 또 확진…사흘 동안 광주 6개 학교서 11명 감염 Middle school students confirmed again, 6 schools in Gwangju with 11 patients in 3 days There were 16 new patients found on the 3rd in the Gwangju and Jeonnam regions. This is as of… 11-03 33
20369 TEXT 외국인 근로자 입국 16개국 허용 Foreign laborers entrance permitted from 16 countries The Ministry of Employment and Labor will extend the entrance of foreign laborers in steps from the end of this month. Minister Ahn GyeongDuk(안경… 11-03 27
20368 TEXT 광주·전남 33명 신규 확진…학교·어촌 확산세 지속 Gwangju Jeonnam 33 patients found, transmission continues at school and fishery towns The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions had 33 patients yesterday. According to the health authorities … 11-03 29
20367 TEXT 광주 이틀간5개 초·중·고 연쇄감염…고흥 집단확진 지속'73명'(종합) Gwangju with chain transmission from 5 elementary, middle and high schools over 2 days, Goheung(고흥) with cluster transmission cases continuing, '7… 11-03 24
20366 TEXT 광주시교육청,일선 학원에 수능생 대면 수업 자제 권고 Gwangju Office of Education advises Hakwons(학원)s to refrain from contact-classes with CSAT candidates The Gwangju Office of Education revealed on the 2nd that they issued Co… 11-03 28
20365 TEXT 5·18재단 유엔 발언권 획득…특별협의지위 승인 May 18th Foundation earns voice at the UN, Special Consultative Status obtained The May 18th Commemorative Foundation has earned a voice at the United Nations regarding World Democracy and… 11-03 30
20364 TEXT 전남도, COP26에서 2050 탄소중립 정책 발표 Jeonnam Province presented the 2050 Carbon Neutrality Policy at the COP26 Jeonnam Province presented the '2050 Carbon Neutral Policy' at the 26th United Nations Framework Convention on Clim… 11-02 31
20363 TEXT 광주미래식품전 4일 DJ센터서 개막 Gwangju Future Foods Fair to open at KDJ Center on the 4th The 2021 Gwangju Future Foods Fair will be held in Gwangju's Kim DaeJung(김대중) Convention Center starting on the 4th of Nov for 4 days. C… 11-02 28
20362 TEXT 일자리 찾아 고향 떠난 청년도 돌아왔다…'광주형 일자리' 안착 Gwangju Type Job settlement with youths returning home after having left for work The Gwangju Type Job program which drew attention through the automobile '… 11-02 31
20361 TEXT 광주 문화콘텐츠 기업, 60억 투자유치 성공 Gwangju Culture Contents Business, 6 billion won investment attraction successful The Gwangju region's Culture Contents business successfully secured some 6 billion won of investment. Accor… 11-02 26
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