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18084 TEXT NEW POST 이용섭 광주시장 "전두환 심판해 5·18 왜곡 막는 본보기로"(종합) Gwangju City Mayor Lee YongSeob(이용섭) states "Cheon DooHwan(전두환) punishment to set an example for May 18th violations" Lee YongSeob(이용섭), the Gwangj… 11:55 1
18083 TEXT NEW POST 광주·전남 첫 교내감염 발생…하루 23명 신규 확진 Gwangju Jeonnam with 1st in-school infection cases, 23 newly found yesterday There were double-digit new infection cases found in Gwangju City yesterday, while the Jeonnam region record… 11:55 1
18082 TEXT NEW POST 순천시, 전라남도내 도시 경쟁력 1위 Suncheon(순천) City ranked 1st within Jeonnam(전남) region for city-competitiveness Jeonnam's Suncheon(순천) City was ranked 1st in the evaluation of the Korea Local-Autonomy Competitiveness … 08:11 3
18081 TEXT NEW POST 시교육청, 12월 4일 모든 중·고교 원격수업 Gwangju Office of Education says all middle and high schools to operatedistance classes on Dec. 4th, day after CSAT The Gwangju Office of Education revealed on Nov. 25th that online classes will … 08:11 16
18080 TEXT NEW POST 개관 5년 맞은 국립 아시아문화전당에 1천70만명 방문했다 Asia Culture Center meets its 5th year since opening, 10.7 million people visited so far The Asia Culture Center or the ACC met its 5th anniversary of opening on Nov. 25th. … 11-25 22
18079 TEXT NEW POST 광주 어린이보호구역 단속 카메라 늘린다 Gwangju to increase number of speed limit cameras in Child Protection Zones The Police decided to reinforce speed limit cameras and other devices in the Child Protection Zones or School Zones. T… 11-25 14
18078 TEXT NEW POST 광주서 중학생 또 감염…학생·교직원 380여명 진단 검사 Gwangju with another middle school student infected, 380 virus tests conducted There was an infected patient found in a middle school located in Gwangju City. Therefore, the heal… 11-25 13
18077 TEXT NEW POST 민주노총 총파업에 3만4천여명 참여…전 조합원의 3% 수준 34,000 labor group members stage nationwide rallies despite virus surge An umbrella labor group staged nationwide rallies today despite calls for restraint following the recen… 11-25 5
18076 TEXT NEW POST "3차 재난지원금 지급 찬성 56.3% vs 반대 39.7%" Over half of S. Koreans support third round of emergency virus handouts: poll More than half of South Koreans support the idea of distributing an additional third round of COVID 19 related emerg… 11-25 7
18075 TEXT NEW POST 신규 확진자 400명대 가까이 올라, 사회적 거리두기 한단계 더 강화할까 New virus cases near 400, stricter nationwide antivirus curbs The number of COVID 19 cases in the country reached nearly 400 today on account of sporadic clu… 11-25 7
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