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17913 TEXT 광주 전체 고교생 수학여행비 예산 지원 '무산' Gwangju school trip budget support cancelled for all high schools The Gwangju Office of Education concluded that there will be no general support for school trips for high schools … 11-05 33
17912 TEXT 무등산 국립공원 면적, 광주는 줄고 전남은 늘 듯 Mt. Mudeung(무등) National Park area decreased in Gwangju and increased in Jeonnam The Mt. Mudeung(무등) National Park'sregional area is predicted to be decreased in Gwangju an… 11-05 28
17911 TEXT 북한산 절경 보며 달리는 서울∼문산 고속도로…7일 개통 Seoul(서울) to Munsan(문산) Expressway to open on Nov. 7th There will be an expressway opening on Nov. 7th to connect the Seoul(서울) and Munsan(문산) regions. This is… 11-05 29
17910 TEXT 국내 코로나19 확진자 총 26,925 총 118명 추가,이건희 장례식장 방문자 확진 감염확산 COVID 19 daily infections add 118 to total 26,925, virus spreading with an infection case found from Lee KunHee(이건희)'s funeral visitor… 11-05 23
17909 TEXT 화두는'인공지능(AI)'…5일까지 광주 곳곳서‘AI포럼’열려 Various A.I related forums will be held until 5th There are various A.I related forums scheduledto be held within Gwangju City. The annual Korea AI Cluster Forum began… 11-05 28
17908 TEXT 광주광역시, 시민 중심 홈페이지 전면 개편 Gwangju City to reorganize the City websites for citizens' convenience Gwangju City will initiate a new service from Nov. 6th in terms of its website. This is to reflect the valuesof the C… 11-05 26
17907 TEXT 바이든 253명 확보, 트럼프 소송 Biden closer topresidency as Trump launcheslegal challenges Former Vice President Joe Biden is now within 17 electoral votes of claiming the presidency. This is as he won the state of Michigan, in the latest tw… 11-05 23
17906 TEXT 내년부터 외국인등록증서 '에일리언(Alien)' 표기 없앤다 Name of foreign registration card to be changed The Justice Ministryrevealed on Nov. 3rd that the expression "alien" on the foreign registration cards will be removed ne… 11-04 40
17905 TEXT 전남도립국악단 집체극 '봄날'…5·18 평범한 사람들 이야기 Jeonnam Province Gugak(국악) Company to show collective play 'Spring Day' To mark the 40th anniversary of the May 18th Democratization Movement, a coll… 11-04 34
17904 TEXT 전남 펜싱·우슈·자전거 선수들 잇따라 태극마크 Jeonnam Fencing, Wushu, Cycling athletes selected as national representatives The Jeonnam region's Fencing, Wushu, and Mountain Biking athletes have been selected as national represe… 11-04 34
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