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17883 TEXT 함평 일가족 관련 확진자 1명 늘어…총 5명 Hampyeong(함평) related COVID 19 cases increased to 5 in total There was an elementary school student confirmed to be infected with COVID 19 as of today. This is accordingto Jeonnam Province o… 11-02 35
17882 TEXT 새로운 거리두기 5단계로 나눠져 PM announces new 5-level social distancing scheme Prime Minister Jung SeKyun(정세균) announced a new social distancing scheme yesterday based on 5 levels instead of three. This is as the new plan aims to im… 11-02 45
17881 TEXT "5·18 공동체적 가치 기억"…아시아문학축제 참여작가 공동선언 Asian Literature Festival participating writers release a joint statement "May 18th togetherness values to be remembered" The participating writers at the 2020 Asian L… 11-02 39
17880 TEXT 엿새만에 광주 찾은 이낙연 현안 꿰고 지원 약속 Lee NakYeon(이낙연) visited Gwangju after 6 days to promise support Lee NakYeon(이낙연), the representative of the Democratic Party, has visited Gwangju again 6 days after his last v… 10-30 39
17879 TEXT 외국인 주민, 총인구의4.3%인 222만명, 광주 전남 11만명 Foreign Residents reach 2.2 million people, composing 4.3% of the total population, Gwangju-Jeonnam totals 111,772 As of Nov. last year, there were some 2.2 million foreign residents… 10-30 44
17878 TEXT 광주30~31일 할로윈 주말 유흥시설 집중점검… Gwangju to undergo inspection of nightlife facilities during Halloween weekend Gwangju City will be operating a crackdown on nightlife facilities during the Halloween period. The inspection of… 10-30 44
17877 TEXT 바이든, "협박으로 한국 갈취 안해" 발언 관심보도 Biden vows not to extort S. Korea with troop withdrawal threats The U.S. Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden pledged today to strengthen the alliance with South Korea, rather t… 10-30 37
17876 TEXT 국내 코로나19 확진자 총 26,385 총 114명 추가, 확진자 100명 추가 3일째, 집단 감염 집중조명 COVID 19 daily infections add 114 to total 26,385, new virus cases above 100 for 3rd day, cluster infections in focus South Korea'… 10-30 43
17875 TEXT 전남 동부권 7개 시군 코로나 진단검사 빨라진다 Jeonnam Eastern Districts' 7 Cities and Counties with faster COVID 19 diagnosis tests The Jeollanamdo(전라남도) Institute of Health and Environment Eastern Branch is in charge of… 10-30 34
17874 TEXT 서울서 내려온 손자와 만난 함평 80대 노인 코로나19 확진(종합) Hampyeong(함평) with infected patient, infected after meeting with grandchildfrom Seoul(서울) There was a senior resident of the Hampyeong(함평) region in their 80s … 10-30 34
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