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17323 TEXT 전남 집중호우 피해지역 취·정수장 복구 완료…수돗물 정상공급 Jeonnam's damaged areas from the downpours restored the tap-water system Jeonnam region's 5 Counties were damaged from the heavy downpours which influence… 08-17 129
17322 TEXT 광주서 고 김대중 전 대통령 11주기 맞아 민주인권포럼·전시회 Gwangju holding Democratic Human Rights Forum and Exhibition in 11th anniversary of the former President Kim DaeJoong(김대중) The Democratic Human Rights Peace Foru… 08-17 122
17321 TEXT 광주교육청, 등교·원격수업 원래대로…내달 전면 등교는 검토 Gwangju Office of Education back to onsite and distance class operation Gwangju Office of Education revealed that there will be onsite and distance classes operating simu… 08-17 171
17320 TEXT '유흥주점發 3차 유행 막자' 광주시 방역당국 총력 대응 14 Nightlife facilities related infection cases, Gwangju City with full mobilized countermeasures There were 14 accumulatedinfection cases related to nightlife facilitie… 08-17 140
17319 TEXT 광주·전남 일주일째 찜통더위…전 지역 폭염특보 유지 Gwangju Jeonnam under heat wave advisory for over 1 week Gwangju Jeonnam region's heat wave advisory has been continuing for over 1 week now. According to the Gwangju Offic… 08-17 135
17318 TEXT '물난리' 구례군 잠정 피해 1천807억원…18일까지 접수 Gurye(구례) County region's damage from the water rainfall total 180.7 billion won Gurye(구례) region's amount of damage from the heavy rainfall is estimated… 08-17 126
17317 TEXT 전국 연안 '육지 쓰레기'로 몸살…해수부, 내주 집중 수거 Coastal areas with accumulating 'inland trash' The Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries revealed on Aug. 14th that Aug 18th to 23rd will be set as the Concentr… 08-17 148
17316 TEXT 코로나19로 광주 북구에 진 빚, 수해 때 갚은 대구 달서구 COVID19 debt paid by Daegu(대구) during the flood Daegu(대구) City, which received support and help from Gwangju during the severe period of COVID 19 transmission, supported… 08-17 114
17315 TEXT 광주시, 추모관 유골 침수 원인 규명…합동조사단 구성 Gwangju City to form Joint Investigation Team to discover the cause of flooded remains at Remembrance Halls Gwangju City revealed on Aug. 14th that there will be a Joint Investiga… 08-17 104
17314 TEXT 광주 지역 확진자 닷새 만에 11명, 불안증가 Gwangju region's infection cases increased by 11 within just 5 days Gwangju City's COVID 19 infection cases increased by 11 within just 5 days to raise concerns. What's adding to c… 08-17 115
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