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17103 TEXT 광주 확진자 동선에 또 사우나…방역수칙 강화 요구 커져 Gwangju infected patient's routes including sauna(사우나) again There are concerning voices regarding the recently added infected patients within Gwangju City in terms… 07-17 84
17102 TEXT 광주 코로나19 중증 환자 4명…2명은 에크모 치료 4 Gwangju COVID 19 patients in severe condition, 2 under ECMO treatment Gwangju City reported there are 4 COVID 19 patients under severe conditions in addition to the 1 patient recently dec… 07-17 87
17101 TEXT 국내 코로나19확진자총13,672, 총 60명 추가,"22∼25일 이라크 현지근로자 국내이송" Domestic COVID 19 infections total 13,672, increased by 60, Govt. "Iraq field laborers to return between July 22nd and 25th" Domestic COVID19 inf… 07-17 89
17100 TEXT 광주서 다단계판매 종사자 무더기 적발 No. of violations of gathering-ban reported in Gwangju There was a large number of people caught during a door-to-door sales business meeting. Our Hyung Jin Ro reports. A number of door-to-door retai… 07-17 93
17099 TEXT '집합금지 명령' 광주서 또 60여명 방문판매 모임…고발 검토 'Gathering prohibition order', Gwangju City finds some 60 people in a meeting related to door-to-door sales There were some 60 people related to door-to-… 07-17 77
17098 TEXT 이라크서 입국한 50대 코로나19 확진…전남 33번째 환자 Jeonnam's 33rd patient an entrant from Iraq Jeonnam Province revealed on July 17th that there was a male in his 50s confirmed to be infected with COVID 19. This patient is … 07-17 81
17097 TEXT 광주 양동시장 폭발사고 3명 부상…화재로 번지진 않아 Gwangju Yangdong(양동) Market explosion results in 3 injured There was an explosion on July 16th at a store located in Yangdong(양동) market. This was during the afternoon at… 07-17 120
17096 TEXT 광주 또 지역 감염…60대 확진자부부 손녀 등 3명 추가돼 Gwangju regional transmission again, 3 additional infected including a couple in their 60s and their grandchildren There were 3 additional infection cases discoveredwithin Gwangj… 07-17 79
17095 TEXT 광주전남, 478억국비확보2020지역혁신프로젝트추진 Gwangju secures national budget for 2020 regional renovation project Gwangju City secured 47.8 billion won worth of national budget for 2020 regional renovation project. Our JongMin Kim rep… 07-16 136
17094 TEXT 2019 광주 세계수영대회 159억 흑자 남기고 조직위 공식 해산 2019 Gwangju FINA Committee officially dismissed with 15.9 billion won of profit The 2019 Gwangju FINA World Aquatics Championships Committeewas officiallydismissed. The Co… 07-16 84
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