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18092 TEXT "전두환 심판해 본보기 삼아야" 각계각층 한 목소리 "Cheon DooHwan(전두환) to be punished and set as an example" different social groups voicing With Cheon DooHwan(전두환), the former President of the country's sentencing tr… 11-27 73
18091 TEXT "세월호 참사 원인 지목,솔레노이드 밸브 고착 가능성 낮아"(종합) "Sewol(세월) Ferry sinking cause suggested to be solenoid valve, yet the possibility is low" The cause of the Sewol(세월) Ferry sinking was indicated to be a solen… 11-26 86
18090 TEXT "군 항공기 소음 보상 기준, 민간 항공기 수준으로 낮춰야" "Military Aircrafts Noise Compensation standard must be lowered to that of private aircrafts" Gook GangHyun(국강현), a member of the Gwangju Gwangsangu(광산구) Council s… 11-26 81
18089 TEXT 나주 코로나 확산세 무섭다…사흘 새 지역감염 15명 급증 Naju(나주) COVID 19 transmission rate dangerous, 15 regional transmission cases in 3 days There were 4 additional infection cases found in Naju(나주) City as of this morning.… 11-26 88
18088 TEXT 이달 광주 확진자 62.4%는 20∼40대…자녀 감염 사례도 빈발 62.4% of Gwangju infection cases this month aged between 20s and 40s The ages of COVID 19 infection cases have lowered, while they have a wider range of activities within Gwangj… 11-26 75
18087 TEXT 정부 "12월 초까지 하루 400-600명대 확진자 지속발생 가능" Govt. "400 to 600 infection cases per day possible until beginning of Dec." The health authorities forecast that there could be a daily infection tally between 400 and 600 until… 11-26 74
18086 TEXT 정부 "500명대 확진 오늘이 처음,수도권 2.5단계 논하기 이르다" Calls grow for heightened virus curbs as worst COVID-19 outbreak yet to come A new COVID 19 flare-up in the country is creating a sense of crisis that the worst of the COV… 11-26 93
18085 TEXT 광주 하루동안14명 확진…상일중·전대병원N차감염 포함 14 Infections Reported in Gwangju yesterday showing various infection routes There were 14 patients with Covid 19 found in Gwangju City yesterday. These include 'Nth degree… 11-26 75
18084 TEXT 이용섭 광주시장 "전두환 심판해 5·18 왜곡 막는 본보기로"(종합) Gwangju City Mayor Lee YongSeob(이용섭) states "Cheon DooHwan(전두환) punishment to set an example for May 18th violations" Lee YongSeob(이용섭), the Gwangj… 11-26 75
18083 TEXT 광주·전남 첫 교내감염 발생…하루 23명 신규 확진 Gwangju Jeonnam with 1st in-school infection cases, 23 newly found yesterday There were double-digit new infection cases found in Gwangju City yesterday, while the Jeonnam region record… 11-26 79
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