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17980 TEXT 광주시, 촘촘한 다문화가정 지원체계 구축 Gwangju City established support system for multi-cultural families Gwangju City established various support systems for multicultural families within the region. This is according to the City o… 11-13 73
17979 TEXT 코로나19확산 조짐…광주 민관 공동대책위50일 만에 소집 Gwangju City holds meeting to discuss Social Distancing Measures. Gwangju City held a Private Government Joint Countermeasures meeting on Nov. 12th. This is as the COVID 19 tra… 11-12 74
17978 TEXT 강제노역 피해자 추가 소송 "미쓰비시, 자료 제출 응해야" Forced Labor Victims with additional lawsuit "Mitsubishi(미쓰비시) must submit materials" There was an additional lawsuit against Mitsubishi Heavy Industries by the forced l… 11-12 78
17977 TEXT "광주 공항 무안 이전 유보" 권고…이용섭 시장 '선택의 시간'(종합) "Gwangju airport transfer to Muan(무안) to be delayed", Mayor at crossroads of decision Gwangju City Mayor Lee YongSeob(이용섭) is at a crossroads … 11-12 78
17976 TEXT 코로나 재확산 광주 1.5단계 격상하나…"주말 추이 보고 결정" COVID 19 spreading as City considers elevating Gwangju'sSocial Distancing measures to level 1.5 Gwangju City will decide whether to elevate the Social Distancing mea… 11-12 76
17975 TEXT 광주 도심 주말 1천500명 집회 예고…"확진자 발생시 법적조치"(종합) Gwangju City warns of 1,500 person rally to be held during the weekend, "legal responses taken should infections occur" With the continuing transmission rates … 11-12 84
17974 TEXT 아세안 관련 정상회의 개막…15일까지 화상으로 개최 37th Plenary Session of the ASEAN Summit opened today, video conferenceto run until Nov. 15th The 37th ASEAN or the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Summit's Plenary Sessio… 11-12 77
17973 TEXT 방역당국 "코로나백신 최대한 확보…연내 인구 60% 접종분 목표" Health authorities, "seeking to secure as many COVID 19 vaccine doses as possible, plan to inoculate 60% of population this year" The health authorities stressed today t… 11-12 81
17972 TEXT 광주 유흥업소발 4명 추가 확진, 전남지역 확산 지속 Gwangju with 4 additional infection cases related to nightlife facilities as Jeonnam region continues spread COVID 19 transmission is ongoing within Gwangju and the Jeonnam region… 11-12 74
17971 TEXT "국내 체류 외국인, 서울 중심에서 전국 곳곳으로 분산·거주" Foreigners residing in Korea settling across the country instead of Seoul(서울) It has been found that foreigners who used to reside in Seoul(서울) and the surrounding… 11-12 73
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