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1669 TEXT 전남대 ‘교육지표사건’ 교수들 국가상대 손배소 CNU Professors Who Protested Against the Military Regime in 1970s Claim Damages Seven professors and their families who were previously fired from Jeonam National University after pr… 01-12 2575
1668 TEXT 광주시 CCTV 통합관제센터 시민 안전 지킴이 역할 CCTV Integrated Security Control Center in Gwangju to Function as a Safety Guard for the Citizens Operated by the city of Gwangju, a CCTV Integrated Security Control Center has reporte… 01-09 2855
1667 TEXT 광주김치 ‘김치광’ 올해 첫 일본 수출 Gwangju Produced Kimchi to be Exported to Japan 4.7 tons of ‘Kimchigwang’ Kimchi, a joint brand between a Kimchi business corporation and the city of Gwangju, will be exported to Japan this ye… 01-09 2603
1666 TEXT 광주서 독감 바이러스 검출 Severe Flu Influenza Discovered in Gwangju In a recent inspection of patients with respiratory diseases in the city, severe flu influenza, H1N1, has been discovered for the first time this winter season in Gwang… 01-09 2627
1665 TEXT 추위 오늘부터 풀린다, 주말은 맑고 포근 Cold Snap to be Lifted from Today with Sunny and Clear Conditions Forecast across the Weekend A cold snap that took effect across Gwangju and Jeollanamdo this week will gradually let up from thi… 01-09 2696
1664 TEXT 이이남, 2월 8일까지 서울 가나아트센터 전시 Gwangju Based Media Artist Yi Yi-nam to Exhibit His Work at Seoul Gana Art Center Gwangju-based world-renowned media artist, Yi Yi-nam and his work are currently on display at the Seoul-loc… 01-09 2694
1663 TEXT 혁신도시 공공기관 채용, 지역 대학생 취업 기회 제공한다 Public Organizations in Bitgaram to Recruit Certain Portion of Employees among Local University Graduates Public organizations in Bitgaram city in Naju will reportedly hire… 01-09 2473
1662 TEXT 진도 해역 어선 전복 Fishing Boat Capsizes in Waters off Jindo Island A 2.97-ton fishing boat has reportedly capsized and sank in waters near Jindo Island yesterday afternoon. An emergency call was reported to 119 yesterday at 1:30 p.m. whe… 01-09 2550
1661 TEXT 여수세계박람회장 지난해 223만명 방문했다 More than 2.2 Million Travelers Visited Yeosu Expo Last Year The total number of visitors to the Yeosu World Expo site has surpassed 2.2 million mark, recording sales revenues of up to 480 mil… 01-09 2588
1660 TEXT 광주에서도 ‘100원 택시’ 달린다 ‘100 Won Taxi’ to be in Operation in Gwangju A ‘100 Won Taxi’ system, which was adopted in Jeollanamdo late last year, will operate in the city of Gwangju to help residents living in remote areas … 01-09 2562
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