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20215 TEXT 전남서 학교4곳 학생들 연쇄감염 Jeonnam with student chain transmission at 4 schools The Jeonnam region's 24 cases include 11 students from elementary and middle schools within the province. 2 students were confirmed to be infected… 10-15 6
20214 TEXT 여수 출입국 외국인 사무소 '독거실' 격리자 증가해 Yeosu Immigration Office 'single-units' quarantined people increased Since Jan. this year until Aug. 5th, the Yeosu(여수) Immigration Office's Detained Fore… 10-15 6
20213 TEXT 하루이틀 일하고 떠나는 외국인 파악 안 돼…방역현장 '발동동' Foreigners working 1 or 2 days and leaving not tracked down, onsite disinfection concerns With the rise in the number of foreign COVID19 patients, the health … 10-15 6
20212 TEXT 재입국 특례 외국인근로자, 출국 후 한달만에 복귀 가능해져 Re-entrance Special Cases Foreign Laborers can return back to work 1 month after departure Foreign laborers that qualify as re-entrance Special Cases can return back to wor… 10-15 6
20211 TEXT 광주 추억의 충장축제 내달 18일부터 나흘간 Gwangju ChungJang(충장) Festival to open for 4 days from Nov. 18th Gwangju's representative street festival, the ChungJang(충장) Festival will be opened from Nov. 18th. According to … 10-11 6
20210 TEXT 광주80일 만에 한 자릿수…광주7명·전남17명 확진 Gwangju with 7 cases, first single digit daily infections in 80 days, 17 in Jeonnam On the 11th of Oct., the alternate public holiday, there were 24 new patients in the Gwangju and Jeon… 10-12 7
20209 TEXT 광주 동구 여성희망창작소 문 열어…"양성평등 실현" Gwangju Donggu(동구) Women Hope Creative Center opened, "gender equality realized" Gwangju’s Donggu(동구) District revealed on the 12th that the Women Hope Creative Center ha… 10-12 7
20208 TEXT 광주시 '탄소중립 2022 광주행동' 준비…"녹색 도시 모델 제시" Gwangju City 'Carbon Neutral 2022 Gwangju Actions' preparations, "Green City model suggested" Gwangju City will be establishing executive plans for the … 10-13 7
20207 TEXT 광주, 9월 취업자↓…전남은 늘었지만 고용의 질 하락 Gwangju Sept. employees drop, Jeonnam increase but job quality decreases The Sept. Employee’s Statistics Survey showed that Gwangju City had a decreased number of employees, whereas… 10-13 7
20206 TEXT 제8회 동아시아기후포럼, 여수서 14일 개막 The 8th East Asia Climate Forum to open in Yeosu(여수) on the 14th The 2021 8th East Asia Climate Forum will open between the 14th and 15th for 2 days at the Yeosu(여수) World Expo Convention C… 10-13 7
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