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20842 TEXT 광주시, 캐스퍼 구매 보조금 1천300여만원 지급 Gwangju City supporting 13 million won for CASPER purchase subsidies Gwangju City revealed on the 30th that a total of 13.1 million won of subsidies were offered for 73 Gwangju residents who … 12-30 28
20841 TEXT 광주 지난해 12월 1천804명 확진 Gwangju with 1,804 patients in Dec. last year Gwangju City is continuing with COVID19 cluster transmission from various routes. According to the City on the 3rd, there were 75 new patients on the 2nd of Jan. in… 01-03 28
20840 TEXT 전남 오미크론 확인 누적 62명…대부분 돌파감염 Jeonnam Omicron confirmed cases accumulated to 62, mostly breakthrough cases The Jeonnam region’s confirmed Omicron variant cases total 62 so far among 80 relevant patients in the provin… 01-03 28
20839 TEXT 전남, 호랑이 관련 지명 74개 Jeonnam with 74 towns with names relevant to 'tigers' Jeonnam Province revealed on the 3rd that there were a total of 74 regions within the province with names relevant to 'tigers.' This is acc… 01-03 28
20838 TEXT '공공기관·경찰·군부대·학교'…광주·전남 91명 Public institution, police, army base and schools, Gwangju Jeonnam with 91 patients The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions had a total of 91 new patients yesterday as of 6pm in the evening… 01-04 28
20837 TEXT 여수시의회, 5일임시회서일상회복지원금예산안처리 Yeosu(여수) City Council to deal with Daily Recovery Fund at temporary meeting on the 5th Jeonnam’s Yeosu(여수) City Council revealed on the 3rd that the 216th Temporary Meeting… 01-04 28
20836 TEXT 광주 '사랑의 온도탑' 100도 조기 달성 Gwangju 'Temperature Tower of Charity' 100 degrees early accomplishment Gwangju City's 'Temperature Tower of Charity,' which is about sharing warmth with neighbors, has … 01-04 28
20835 TEXT 교육시설·군부대·병원 등 확산…광주 75명·전남 60명 확진 Education facility, military base, and hospital transmission, Gwangju with 75, Jeonnam 60 patients The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions are continuing with COVID19 transmission with … 01-05 28
20834 TEXT 5·18 사적지 옛 적십자병원 안전진단서 "본관 빼고는 철거해야" May 18th Historic Site, Old Red Cross Hospital Safety Evaluation "All to be demolished except for the main hall" The old Red Cross Hospital, which is a May 18th historic si… 01-05 28
20833 TEXT 겨울방학 앞두고 광주서 초등학교·유치원 집단 감염 잇따라 Gwangju elementary schools and kindergartens with cluster transmission in the face of the winter vacation In the face of school vacation, Gwangju City is experiencing clust… 01-05 28
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