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1944 TEXT 文 "평화의봄, 스스로만든 결과…신한반도체제로통일 준비" President Moon : Re-Unification Work Will Continue With New Korean Peninsula System The national government on Friday held a ceremony in central Seoul to mark the 100th anniv… 03-01 226
1943 TEXT 18pm weather updates Taking a look at the weather, It will be another warm spring day here in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo tomorrow. Unfortunately, the dusty air came back. Dust levels will remain high and in bad ranges until tomorrow afternoon. The air… 03-26 226
1942 TEXT 미세먼지 배출 효과 ‘완도 해조류’ 관심증폭.. Wando Seaweed Popular as Fine Dust solution With seaweed gaining popularity as an effective solution for fine dust, agricultural and fishery products from Wando are being brought to th… 02-05 226
1941 TEXT 한전 광주전남본부,세계수영대회 전력공급'이상 무' KEPCO ready to supply power to FINA Worlds KEPCO Gwangju-Jeollanamdo Headquarters is set to provide a smooth power supply to the 2019 Gwangju FINA World Aquatics Championsh… 06-05 226
1940 TEXT -광주세계수영-김서영,여자 혼영200m결승 진출 -Gwangju FINA Worlds- S. Korean Kim Seo Yeong advances to women's 200m IM final South Korea's Kim Seo Yeong successfully landed in the final of the women's 200m individual medley… 07-22 226
1939 TEXT "전두환5·18때 광주 왔다"美정보요원오늘39년만의 증언 Former US military intelligence specialist delivers testimony after 39 years regarding the May 18 Democratic Uprising Kim Yong Jang, who was a counterespionage intelligence agent w… 05-14 226
1938 TEXT 김영록 전남지사,싱가포르·베트남 순방 Jeollanamdo Governor to visit Singapore-Vietnam Jeollanamdo Governor Kim Yeong Rok is set to embark on a 5-day tour to Singapore and Vietnam. Governor Kim’s visit aims to promote the so called … 06-28 226
1937 TEXT 2019광주FINA세계수영선수권 대회기간SRT운임 할인 SRT to provide discounts on tickets for FINA Worlds The SRT speed trains will provide a 5% discount on its tickets to and from Gwangju Songjeong Station in support of the 2019 Gwangju FINA… 06-28 226
1936 TEXT 한유총 광주지회,개학 연기 방침 철회…4일 정상 운영 Gwangju members of KKA open for normal operation on March 4 Amid worries of a nationwide childcare vacuum, members of the Korea Kindergarten Association Gwangju Headquarters decide… 03-04 226
1935 TEXT 15pm weather updates Taking a look at the weather, Gwangju and Jeollanamdo are having early summer conditions under partly cloudy skies. The dust levels will remain in normal ranges for the next couple days. Enjoy the sun and clean air while you ca… 04-22 226
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