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187 TEXT '확 달라진 광주세계김치축제'…25∼27일 광주김치타운서 Gwangju’s one of the representative annual events, “Gwangju International Kimchi Festival” will present a totally different look at the facilities of venue and pr… 10-23 50
186 TEXT WTO 개도국 지위 포기, 지역농민들 '격분' S. Korea gives up developing country status at WTO South Korea said Friday it has decided to give up its developing country status with the World Trade Organization in a concession to the … 10-25 50
185 TEXT 태풍'미탁'내달2일 전남 상륙…'타파'이어 또 피해 우려 Another typhoon to hit Gwangju-Jeollanamdo this week According to the Korea Meteorological Administration, the year’s 18th typhoon Mitag is set to land on th… 09-30 49
184 TEXT 광주혁신추진위,문화예술혁신 특별위원회 결성 The Culture and Art Innovation Special Committee Was recently set up by the Gwangju Innovation Committee on November 7th. The Innovation Committee elected some 13 members including the Chai… 11-08 49
183 TEXT '광주형 일자리'자동차 공장 신축 공사에4개 업체 입찰 Four companies showed their will to join the Gwangju Type Job project according to Gwangju Global Motors (GGM), on Monday. GGM recruited additional construction partners … 11-13 49
182 TEXT 15pm weather updates Taking a look at the weather, It will be a rainy day here in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo today. Some 10~40mm of precipitation is expected around the region. Rain will begin clearing from this evening, and temperatures will be broug… 10-07 49
181 TEXT 文대통령"국민 목소리 엄중히 들어···대립의 골 바람직 않아" Moon urges swift prosecution reform President Moon Jae In made his first remarks on the mass rallies taking place regarding prosecutorial reform in a meeting with his C… 10-07 49
180 TEXT '광주형 일자리'법인 설립 열흘 만에 첫 회의…업무 개시 Corporation for Gwangju Type Job Model holds first meeting Gwangju Global Motors, the corporate structure for Gwangju’s new finished car manufacturing line reportedl… 10-08 49
179 TEXT '화이트 매직 시티,광주'…아시아 문화전당서 미디어아트 축제 2019 Gwangju Media Art Festival to kick off this week The 2019 Gwangju Media Art Festival will kick off its 8-day run on this Friday at the Asia Culture Center… 10-08 49
178 TEXT 15pm weather updates Taking a look at the weather, It is a sunny day in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo today. The air quality will be in good to normal ranges throughout the day while the UV index will be in and out of bad ranges. Temperature readings … 10-10 49
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