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1795 TEXT 광주시 곳곳에 추석행사 Gwangju to welcome Chuseok holiday with various events Gwangju is set to host various events during this Chuseok holiday so as to welcome homecomers. Hyungjin Ro has details. As Chuseok holiday starts on Thursday, p… 09-10 227
1794 TEXT 광주 주요 관광지 무료 와이파이'빵빵'터진다 Gwangju’s popular tourist attractions provide free wifi The City of Gwangju said Thursday that it has finished construction of wifi stations around its popular tourist destinations.… 12-20 227
1793 TEXT 외교부,日공사 초치··· '후쿠시마 오염수'처리계획 공식 요청 S. Korea calls in Japanese diplomat on Fukushima water discharge plan South Korea’s Foreign Affairs Ministry called in a Japanese diplomat Monday regarding i… 08-19 227
1792 TEXT 5.18 발포 증언, 기록 잇달아.. Another testimony of May 18 unveiled There are more and more testimonies being revealed in relation to the May 18 Democratic Uprising. Hyungjin Ro has more. Amid the recent growing number of new testimonies… 04-02 227
1791 TEXT 순천만국가정원 방문객300만명 돌파…작년보다46일 빨라 No. of Suncheon Bay National Garden visitors exceed 3 million The number of visitors to the Suncheon Bay National Garden this year has already exceeded the 3 million marker as o… 07-04 227
1790 TEXT 8am weather updates Taking a look at the weather, Gwangju and Jeollanamdo will be under clear skies today. The air quality level will be better than it has been. Fine dust levels will sit in normal ranges while ultrafine dust levels may fluctuate … 03-08 227
1789 TEXT "전남 소식 알린다" SNS서포터즈단,도정 홍보 돌입 Jeollanamdo SNS supporters launch operation Jeollanamdo’s social media supporters’ group launched their operation on Tuesday. The 5th generation of the group consists of 60 Korean… 04-02 227
1788 TEXT 광주-전남 잇는 광역교통망 구축 사업 본격화 Metropolitan Transportation Network for Gwangju-Jeollanamdo to be created Plans to create a metropolitan transportation network connecting Gwangju, Naju, Damyang, Hwasun, Hampyeong and Jangse… 08-19 227
1787 TEXT 프로야구 고졸 신인,해외 유턴파보다 낫네 High school graduate rookies rock KBO season Last year’s KBO Rookie Draft drew much attention as many players were seeking ways to return home from the big league. The list included Lee Dae E… 04-02 227
1786 TEXT 추신수, 3년 연속20홈런-미네소타전 동점 홈런 쾅 Rangers' Choo Shin Soo scores 20th homer of season Texas Rangers outfielder Choo Shin Soo has reached the 20 home run plateau for the 7th time in his major league career. Choo hit … 08-19 227
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