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20552 TEXT 광주전남 10가구당 1명 기초생활수급자 1 Person Out of 10 Households the National Basic Livelihood Security Welfare Recipients in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo 1 out of 10 households in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo have members who are reporte… 11-06 5821
20551 TEXT 광주 희망 일자리 박람회12월5일부터 Gwangju Job Hope Exposition to Begin fromDecember 5th The '2014 Gwangju Job Hope Exposition' will be held fromDecember 5thfor two days attheGwangju Kimdaejung Convention Centerinits multi… 11-24 5812
20550 TEXT 광주 무등산 첫 눈 관측 First Snow Falls in Gwangju on Mt. Mudeung This year’s first snow was observed in Gwangju on Mt. Mudeung and parts of the Suwan Residential Complex yesterday as temperatures fell below zero degrees Celsius near the … 11-14 5807
20549 TEXT 여수해양항만시설, 문화공간으로 활용된다 Yeosu Maritime Facilities to be Used as Cultural Space Yeosu Regional Maritime Office has announced it is currently reviewing measures to allow local artists and writers to use regional … 10-28 5805
20548 TEXT 광주시, 유네스코 창의도시에 선정 Gwangju as a UNESCO Creative City The city of Gwangju recently became the newest member of the UNESCO Creative City Network’s media arts sector, making it the first Korean city to be appointed as a ci… 12-02 5803
20547 TEXT 주중 장맛비, 주말부터 본격 더위 Monsoon Rain Begins Tomorrow with Scorching Heat Expected on the Weekend Torrential downpours are in store for Gwangju and Jeollanamdo from tomorrow for three days, with a scorching weekend expected acros… 07-14 5802
20546 TEXT 신안 증도 내년부터 입장료 폐지 Jeungdo Island to Abolish Entrance Fee Entrance fees charged for visitors to Jeungdo Island, located in Shinan-gun district, will be abolished from January next year. According to Shinan-gun district, th… 11-11 5799
20545 TEXT 광주학생독립운동 85주년 맞아 다채로운 학술행사 Various Academic Events to be Held in Commemoration of 85th Anniversary of the Gwangju Student Independence Movement A variety of academic events are scheduled to take place in Gwangju to… 11-03 5794
20544 TEXT 아시아문화전당 첫 공연 ‘부케티노’ 15일부터 Asia Culture Complex’s First Performance ‘Buchettino’ to be Showcased from the 15th Set to be opened next year in September, the national Asia Culture Complex will hold its first … 11-11 5791
20543 TEXT 2015 하계 U대회,저비용 고효율로 운영한다 2015 Summer Universiade to be Hosted as Low Budget – High Efficiency The city of Gwangju has released a series of plans to operate the 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade with the lowest budget p… 10-27 5791
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