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940 TEXT 광주에스마트교차로구축…실시간최적교통신호제공 Gwangju to install smart-intersections to provide best real-time traffic signals Gwangju City revealed on the 9th that the Smart Intersection Installation Project has won the 'I… 09-10 100
939 TEXT 전남 외국인 선원 집단감염 확산…누적 확진자 31명 Jeonnam foreign sailor cluster infection, 31 accumulated patients so far There was a cluster infection among foreign sailors within the Jeonnam region. There were 31 infected patien… 08-09 100
938 TEXT 광주·전남 밤사이 장맛비 소강…오후엔 장마전선 다시 남하 Gwangju Jeonnam rainfall decreased overnight, seasonal rain front may return during afternoon As the seasonal rain front has moved North to the ChungCheongdo(충청도) area… 07-07 100
937 TEXT 전남 장맛비 집중호우 피해, 양식장·축사로 확산 Jeonnam Seasonal Rain damage expanding to aqua farms and barns The Jeonnam region's official seasonal rain damage investigations have begun, with damage to aqua farms and barns being … 07-08 100
936 TEXT 광주, 전남 방역수칙 강화 Gwangju Jeonnam reinforcing preventative measures The Gwangju Jeonnam regions are continuing to experience double digit rates of infection transmission. Therefore, it has been decided that reinforcement of preventativ… 07-12 100
935 TEXT '방심은 금물' 전남교육청, 코로나19 4차 유행 비상대책(종합) Jeonnam Office of Education prepares Emergency Countermeasures for the 4th wave The Jeonnam Office of Education requested responsive system reestablishment and oth… 07-13 100
934 TEXT 광주·전남서 5년간 폭염 사망자 13명…"대책 필요" Gwangju Jeonnam with 13 deaths due to heat wave in the last 5 years, "Countermeasures needed" The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions recorded 13 deaths in the last 5 years due to heatwaves. The… 07-14 100
933 TEXT 광주광역시·한전, 저탄소 녹색아파트 조성 Gwangju and KEPCO to establish Low Carbon Green Apartment Gwangju City and the Korea Electric Power Corporation or KEPCO signed a work agreement to promote Low Carbon Green Apartment establishment.… 07-15 100
932 TEXT 광주 14명·전남 16명 확진…지역도 '5인이상 모임금지' Gwangju with 14, Jeonnam 16 additional patients found, 'prohibition of gatherings of 5 people and above' The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions both had double digit c… 07-19 100
931 TEXT '한 달만의 5인 모임 제한' 불 꺼진 광주 번화가 Gwangju downtown lights off again with 'gatherings of less than 5 people' With the 'prohibition of gatherings of 5 or more people' put into practice across the n… 07-20 100
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