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930 TEXT 남해안에 최대 500㎜ 비…2명 사망·이재민 68명 등 190명 대피 South Coastal area with 500mm of rainfall accumulated, 2 people dead, 190 people evacuated including 68 who lost homes As of the 6th, there were rains of more than 70mm pe… 07-07 100
929 TEXT 광주시,김대중전대통령12주기추모·정신계승행사 Gwangju City holding an event for 12thanniversary of Former PresidentKim DaeJung(김대중)’s death Gwangju City will hold 'Kim DaeJung(김대중) Peace Week', commemorating … 08-12 100
928 TEXT 순천만국가정원에 온실 식물원 건립…2023년 개관 Suncheon(순천) Bay National Garden to open Green House Botanical Garden by 2023 Suncheon(순천) Bay National Garden, the 1st national garden within the country, will open a Green HouseB… 07-14 100
927 TEXT 한주간국내체류외국인확진자1천379명…전체의11.1%수준 Domestic foreign residents have 1,379 cases confirmed in 1 week, 11.1% of the total It was discovered that 1 out of 10 new infection cases within Korea was a foreigner in the last… 08-20 100
926 TEXT '한 달만의 5인 모임 제한' 불 꺼진 광주 번화가 Gwangju downtown lights off again with 'gatherings of less than 5 people' With the 'prohibition of gatherings of 5 or more people' put into practice across the n… 07-20 100
925 TEXT 참사79일만에광주붕괴참사현장검증…재판본격화(종합) Gwangju Building Collapse Onsite Inspection conducted 79 days after the accident, trial officialized Gwangju's demolition building collapse which resulted in 17 dead or inju… 08-27 100
924 TEXT "불법 철거로 미는 힘 못 버텨"광주 붕괴참사 원인 발표 Gwangju building collapse cause announced, "Power was improperly implied during illegal demolition" There was an analysis result for the cause of the recent Gwangju building coll… 07-28 100
923 TEXT 광주28일 확진자39명,올해 두 번째로 많아 Gwangju with 39 infected patients found on the 28th, the 2nd highest record this year Gwangju City had 39 infected patients found yesterday, which was the second most daily cases this year. As fo… 07-29 100
922 TEXT 광주 에너지전환마을 거점센터3호점 오픈 Gwangju's 3rd Energy Transition Town Based Center opens Gwangju City opened the citizen-ledIlgok(일곡) Transitory Town Energy Based Centeron the 29th, the 3rd in the city. The City plans to… 07-29 100
921 TEXT 광주, 7월이후확진자10명중4명'가족간감염' 4 out of 10Gwangju patients 'family transmission', since July onward The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions have continued to have double digit daily transmission for over a month. Als… 08-05 99
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