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860 TEXT 광주서사흘간외국인11명코로나19확진 Gwangju with 11 foreigners infected of COVID19 in 3 days Gwangju City has had 11 foreigners infected with COVID19 over 3 days. According to the City on the 13th, there were 5 foreigners infected on bo… 08-13 94
859 TEXT 광주·전남 19명 확진(종합) Gwangju Jeonnam with 19 infected patients found The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions had 19 new infected patients. According to the health authorities, there were 10 cases in Gwangju and 9 in the Jeonnam region that were n… 07-19 94
858 TEXT 'AI 중심도시 광주', 20일까지 100개 기업 MOU 'AI Centered City, Gwangju', 100 corporations MOU signed as of the 20th Gwangju City is promoting its ArtificialIntelligence Centered City development. There are local indus… 07-20 94
857 TEXT 문대통령, 폭우피해 전남 지역 특별재난지역 선포 President Moon declares Jeonnam region damage from heavy downpour as Special Disaster District President Moon JaeIn(문재인) declared 3 counties and 4 townships and towns within the J… 07-22 94
856 TEXT 광주서가족4명확진…자녀다니는유치원·중학교전수검사 Gwangju with 4 family members confirmed, children attending kindergarten and middle school to undergo enumeration tests Gwangju City is continuing to conduct enumeration tests … 08-27 94
855 TEXT 광주시 8월 8일까지 거리두기 3단계 격상 Gwangju City to elevate Social Distancing measures to 3rd level until Aug.8th Gwangju City will be elevating the Social Distancing measures to the 3rd level starting on the 27th until Aug. 8th. … 07-26 94
854 TEXT "시민 안전 위해 공공의료원 예타 면제" 광주시-울산시 '맞손' "Public Medical Centers' Preparatory Feasibility Study exempted for citizens' safety", Gwangju and Ulsan(울산) Cities cooperate Gwangju and Ulsan(울… 07-26 94
853 TEXT 전남 인구, 20년만에 여수시 하나 사라져…28만명 감소 Jeonnam Population decreases by size of Yeosu(여수) City size over 20 years, 280,000 person decrease The Jeonnam region's population has decreased by some 280,000 people over … 07-26 94
852 TEXT 전남 사업체 백신 자율접종 시작…현대제철·포스코 대상 Jeonnam Corporation Vaccination Autonomous Inoculation began for Hyundai(현대) Steelworks and POSCO Jeonnam Province revealed on the 28th that vaccinations have begun for some… 07-28 94
851 TEXT 광주 거리두기3단계4주 연장 Gwangju Social Distancing 3rd level extended for 4 more weeks Gwangju City will allow up to 8 people in private gatherings including vaccinated people. City Mayor Lee YongSeob(이용섭) said as such at the onli… 09-03 94
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