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810 TEXT 광주·전남39명 확진 Gwangju Jeonnam with 39 new patients found As the country's daily infection cases hit the highest number ever recorded, there were 39 new patients found in the Gwangju and Jeonnam regions as well. These included … 08-12 90
809 TEXT 광주·전남18명 확진 Gwangju Jeonnam with 18 patients found Gwangju and Jeonnam regions were found with 18 additionalpatients yesterday. According to the health authorities, there were 7 new cases found in Gwangju and 11 in the Jeonnam regio… 08-13 90
808 TEXT 광주 확진자24명 추가 Gwangju with 24 patients added Gwangju City is continuing to have COVID19 transmission. According to the City on the 17th, there were 24 new patients added as of 2pm in the afternoon. These included 4 related to an insu… 08-17 90
807 TEXT 법무부, 외국인 9만명 체류기간 3개월 연장 The Ministry of Justice extends 90,000 foreigners' residence period for 3 more months The Ministry of Justice extended 90,000 foreigners' residence period for 3 more months to prevent… 07-19 90
806 TEXT 고려FM라디오, 내년 3월 지상파 라디오방송 정식 개국(종합) Goryeo(고려) FM Radio to officially open in Mar. next year for ground wave radio channel Goryeo(고려) FM Broadcast will officially open next Mar. as a ground wave radio ch… 07-23 90
805 TEXT "대학의 위기는 지역의 위기"전남 지역사회 공동협력 "Universities' crisis is regional crisis",Jeonnam regional society joint cooperation The Jeonnam region has formed a committee to seek policy tasks and train personnel in a join… 07-27 90
804 TEXT 국내 최초AI작곡가,디자인비엔날레서 선보인다 First AI Composer in the country to perform at Design Biennale The composer EvoM, the country’s first Artificial Intelligence Composer song will be performed at the Gwangju Design Biennale.… 09-01 90
803 TEXT 광주 신생아 출생 작년 동기 대비 8.3% 증가 Gwangju new births increase by 8.3% compared to last year Gwangju City revealed on the 28th that there were a total of 3,451 newborn babies born this year between Jan and May. This is an 8.3% inc… 07-28 90
802 TEXT 6월 방한 외국인 7만 7천명, 기저 효과로 1년 전보다 109% 늘어 Foreigners entering South Korea in June recorded at 77,000, 109% increase compared to last year The Korea Tourism Organization revealed on the 30th that 77,029 foreigners v… 07-30 89
801 TEXT '광주·전남서 하루23명 코로나19확진 Gwangju Jeonnam regions with 23 infected patients found The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions had 23 new patients yesterday. There were 17 new cases added in Gwangju City to total 3,430 accumulated p… 08-02 89
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