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331 TEXT 5·18 정신 확산 이론적 토대 연구할 정책연구팀 출범 May 18th Policy Research Team launched The May 18th Policy Research Team has launched to prepare the theoretical foundations for May 18th's spirit to be nationalized and global… 02-24 66
330 TEXT 광주 콜센터 집단감염 관련 1천500여명 검사…40명 확진 Gwangju Call Center Cluster infection leads to 1,500 people tested, 40 infected so far Gwangju City has had 40 cases of COVID19 related to a call center. According to the health… 02-25 66
329 TEXT 광주광역실 종합민원실에 인공지능 통번역기 Gwangju City with AI Interpreters installed at Civil Affairs office There will be Artificial Intelligence interpreters installed and operated at Gwangju City Hall in the Civil Affairs Office.… 02-25 66
328 TEXT 광주시, 최중증 발달장애인 연중무휴 돌본다…40명 우선 대상 Gwangju City to take care of severe developmentally disabled residents with no break Gwangju City is initiating a 24 hour care service for severely developmentally disable… 03-04 65
327 TEXT 광주 남구 외국인 민원 통역 서비스 제공 Gwangju's Namgu(남구) offering foreigners' complaints interpretation services Gwangju's Namgu(남구) district revealedon Mar. 18th that there will be 5 policies for foreigners'… 03-19 65
326 TEXT "외국인 노동자 코로나 검사 의무화 차별" 인권위 조사 "Mandated foreign laborers' COVID 19 tests are discrimination" The National Human Rights Commission of Korea expressed concerns regarding foreign laborers' mandated COVID… 03-19 65
325 TEXT 광주시, 올해84억원 투입해 인공지능 창업 지원 Gwangju City injecting 8.4 billion won for AI Start-Up Businesses Gwangju City and the Artificial Intelligence Industry Complex Project Team will inject 8.4 billion won this year to suppor… 03-19 65
324 TEXT 신신당부했는데 현실로'…터져 나오는 설 가족모임 매개 감염 Lunar New Year Holiday family gatherings spreads COVID19 With the daily infected cases exceeding 600 across the country yesterday, cluster infection cases are appear… 02-17 65
323 TEXT 광주 콜센터·음악학원 확진 속출…시설 폐쇄·전수검사 Gwangju with infection cases found from call-centers and music academies Gwangju City had infected patients found from the call-center of an insurance company and a music academy… 02-24 65
322 TEXT 광주서 코로나19 하루 확진자 나흘째 한 자릿수 Gwangju's single digit infection cases continue for 4th day Gwangju City is continuing to have COVID19 transmission at a single-digit rate. According to the City's health authori… 03-04 64
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