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1811 TEXT 광주세계수영권대회D-50..준비 만전.. Gwangju gets ready for FINA Championship with 50 days countdown The 50-day countdown begins today till the opening of the FINA World Aquatics Championships here in Gwangju. Hyungjin Ro has more. With … 05-23 227
1810 TEXT 당정청,신용카드 소득공제3년 연장키로 Credit card use tax deduction to be extended for 3 years A temporary tax deduction for credit card use will be extended for another three years. According to Rep. Kim Chung Woo of the parliamentar… 03-13 227
1809 TEXT 광주 지산유원지 개발 사업 차질…사업계획 재검토 Gwangju’s Jisan Recreational Park development to be reviewed The City of Gwangju on Wednesday decided to postpone the application for the launch of the Jisan Recreational Park Develop… 12-27 227
1808 TEXT '총장 내홍'조선대,새총장 선출규정 확정…9월말∼10월초 선거 Chosun University set to elect new president Members of Chosun University’s board held a meeting on Thursday and decided to elect a new school President soon.… 08-23 227
1807 TEXT 광주FINA세계수영선수권 대회 개막 3일전, 현장준비 '최종점검' Onsite Readiness Checks Continues 3 Days Before FINA Worlds Opening Only 3 days are left till the opening of the FINA Championships in Gwangju and Yeosu. Yeo… 07-09 227
1806 TEXT 광주 신설 경찰서 가칭 '중부서' 자리는…'첨단 3지구' New police department to be installed in Gwangju’s Cheomdan Complex 3 Gwangju Regional Police Headquarters said Wednesday that it has selected a 16,000㎡ site … 12-27 227
1805 TEXT 12pm weather updates Taking a look at the weather, Gwangju and Jeollanamdo will be under sunny skies today. However, winds carrying fine dust are moving in from the west this afternoon. The air quality level will be lowered to bad ranges and will r… 01-22 227
1804 TEXT 10am weather updates Taking a look at the weather, Gwangju and Jeollanamdo will have a mild day under sunny skies today. However, due to bad air conditions, the day is not fit for some outdoor activities. The dust levels will sit in bad ranges toda… 05-02 227
1803 TEXT 이용섭 광주시장 "세계수영대회 성공 위해 언론 협조 절실" Gwangju Mayor calls for media’s cooperation for success of FINA Worlds Gwangju Mayor Lee Yong Sup on Tuesday released a statement and urged for support from the media for t… 07-09 227
1802 TEXT 광주형 일자리'자동차 공장 건설 감리업체 입찰 공고 The Gwangju Type Job Project’s legal procedures, Gwangju Global Motors (GGM), posted a public announcement on Friday to find its construction supervision consultant for the veh… 11-25 227
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