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389 TEXT 광주 아시아 문화중심 도시 조성 47개 사업 문체부 승인 Gwangju Asian Culture Center City creation of 47 projects approved The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism approved Gwangju city's Asian Culture Center City Creation proj… 04-02 92
388 TEXT '님을 위한 행진곡' 태어난 곳에 기념 표지석 선다 'March for the beloved', ceremonial marking stone to be established There will be a marking stone established in the commemoration of "March for the beloved". … 05-12 92
387 TEXT 5·18 대표 기록물 '넘어 넘어' 10개 판본 서울기록원 전시 May 18th representative documentary records, 'NeomEo NeomEo(넘어넘어)' displayed at the Seoul(서울) Metropolitan Archives The Seoul(서울) Met… 05-14 92
386 TEXT 첫날 사전투표율 오후 5시 10.93%…동시간대 역대 최고치 The first early voting day rate recorded 10.93% as of 5pm, the highest in the nation's history The National Election Commission or NEC revealed on Apr. 10th that the voter turno… 04-10 92
385 TEXT 광주 생활 방역 공공일자리 764명 신청 접수…최저임금 적용 Gwangju Living Disinfection Public Jobsavailableto 764 people, minimum wages offered Gwangju city will be recruiting 764 citizens for the COVID19 Living Disinfection Public … 04-17 91
384 TEXT 광주,전남 공직자 재산변동사항 공개 Gwangju Jeonnam public officials property registration released It was revealed that the reported assets of Gwangju city mayor Lee YongSeob(이용섭) have reached 1 billion won. According to the Pro… 03-26 91
383 TEXT 광주·전남지역 여야 정당 '5·18 출정식'으로 21대 총선 돌입 Campaigning for April 15 General Elections officially began With 2 weeks left to go, official campaigning for the April 15th General elections began today. Our Jognmi… 04-02 91
382 TEXT '40주년 맞은 5·18' 주요 행사 모두 취소 All May 18th 40th anniversaryevents cancelled With the COVID19 situation continuing, this year's May 18th main events cellebrating its 40th anniversary are all cancelled. This is includ… 04-07 91
381 TEXT 총선 D-2…여야 박빙 General Election D-2, ruling and opposition parties in last race The Democratic Party and Future United Party are in the last race for the General Election in 2 days. This is due to the self-conducted analysis that the par… 04-13 91
380 TEXT 국내 코로나19확진자총10,537명, 25명 추가, Domestic COVID 19 infected total 10,537, increase by 25 The increase of domestic COVID19 infections recorded 25 for Apr. 12th to total 10,537 in Korea. This is a continuation of days marking… 04-13 91
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