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282 TEXT 광주전남연구원 "예비타당성 조사 개혁, 대선공약에 반영해야" Gwangju Jeonnam Research Institute, "Preliminary Feasibility Study Reformation should be reflected in the Presidential promises" The Gwangju Jeonnam Research Institute sa… 12-02 50
281 TEXT 연간 수소차 1만대 충전 가능한 수소 생산기지 광주에 구축 Hydrogen Production Base to be established in Gwangju, 10,000 hydrogen vehicles to be charged per year There will be a Hydrogen Production Base constructed in Gwangju to charg… 12-02 50
280 TEXT 광주 문화콘텐츠 기업, 60억 투자유치 성공 Gwangju Culture Contents Business, 6 billion won investment attraction successful The Gwangju region's Culture Contents business successfully secured some 6 billion won of investment. Accor… 11-02 50
279 TEXT 외국인 근로자 입국 16개국 허용 Foreign laborers entrance permitted from 16 countries The Ministry of Employment and Labor will extend the entrance of foreign laborers in steps from the end of this month. Minister Ahn GyeongDuk(안경… 11-03 50
278 TEXT 광주11명·전남11명 감염 Gwangju Jeonnam with 11 new patients each The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions had a total of 22 new patients yesterday. There were 11 new cases from each of the Gwangju and Jeonnam regions as of 6pm in the evening yesterda… 11-05 50
277 TEXT 정부,전남·경남·제주에요소비료1천810t특별공급시작 Govt., began special distribution of 1,810t of Urea Fertilizer to Jeonnam(전남), GyeongNam(경남) and Jeuju(제주) The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs revealed t… 11-16 49
276 TEXT 요양병원·종교·중학교 광주·전남 다중시설 감염 지속 Gwangju Jeonnam continuing with multipurpose facility transmission from nursing hospital, religious facilities, and middle schools The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions are continuing wi… 11-17 49
275 TEXT 광주시·전남도 상생과제 신규7건 등40건 논의 Gwangju, Jeonnam discuss 40 cases of Win-Win Tasks including 7 new ones Gwangju City and Jeonnam Province held a working-level discussion for 40 Joint Cooperative Tasks on the 16th. This… 11-17 49
274 TEXT 가전로봇·뿌리산업·친환경차전시회18일광주서동시개막 Home appliance robots, Root Industry, Ecofriendly vehicle fairs to open simultaneously in Gwangju on the 18th There are 3 industrial fairs opening in Gwangju City on the 18th. … 11-18 49
273 TEXT 광주전남, 소비도시 오명 못 벗나…제조업체 비율 전국 최저 Gwangju Jeonnam can’t escape stigma of 'Consumption City', manufacturing ratio lowest in the country The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions were found to have the lowes… 11-18 49
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