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2543 TEXT 2020년1월KAI 99.8로 보합세 출발 KOBACO KAI to run steady in January The Korea Broadcast Advertising Corporation (KOBACO) has predicted that the overall Korea Advertising Index (KAI) will have a steady run next month at 99.8. The KAI is conduc… 12-24 308
2542 TEXT '시즌2번째 퇴장'손흥민3경기 출전정지…토트넘은 항소 Son Heung Min receives 3 game suspension Tottenham Hotspurs striker Son Heung Min received a 3 game suspension as punishment for his act in the match with Chelsea on M… 12-24 282
2541 TEXT 경찰·국과수, 포스코 광양제철소 폭발사고 현장 합동 감식 Police-NFS joint investigation on POSCO explosion Authorities investigating the explosion at the POSCO plant in Gwangyang began on-site inspections today. According… 12-26 324
2540 TEXT 광주 글로벌모터스 공장 26일 기공…'광주형 일자리' 시동 Gwangju’s job creation project to gain momentum with car manufacturing factory constrution The construction of a car manufacturing factory will start in Gwangju tom… 12-26 289
2539 TEXT '정부 공모사업 선정' 광주 남구 1363억원 재정 확충 Gwangju’s Namgu secured 130 billion won in budget According to Gwangju’s Namgu District Office on Wednesday it has successfully secured some 130 billion won in budget for… 12-26 319
2538 TEXT 크리스마스엔 희망을..... 광주전남 성탄절 문화행사 '다채' Various Christmas Events taking place around the City Christmas is here and people all around the City and Province are enjoying the day off with carols and festivi… 12-26 316
2537 TEXT 옛 광주교도소 발견 유골 40구···5·18 행불자 78명 찾을까 Identification Of Remains Discovered At Former Gwangju Prison Begins Work to identify remains that were discovered last week at the site of a former prison in Gwangju has begun… 12-26 319
2536 TEXT 여야'선거법 대치'잠시 숨고르기…선거법 내일 표결 전망 Electoral reform bill to be put to vote at National Assembly. The tension at the National Assembly settled for a moment as the main opposition Liberty Korea Party (LK… 12-26 277
2535 TEXT 文대통령 "北 비핵화 실천시 국제사회도 상응하는 모습 보여야" South Korea asks for worldwide support for North Korea denuclearization. South Korea President Moon Jae In (문재인) asked for international support regarding North Ko… 12-26 285
2534 TEXT '광주형 일자리'첫 삽 뜬다…광주글로벌모터스 공장26일 기공식 Gwangju’s Job Creation Project in car manufacturing factory starts its construction Following months of ups and downs, the so-called Gwangju Type Job Projec… 12-26 289
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