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20602 TEXT 국민이 선정한 '문화유산 자연환경 보물자료' Domestic Cultural Heritages and Natural Surroundings for Preservation Selected National Trust Group, a domestic organization that keeps records and preserves historically and cult… 07-09 5543
20601 TEXT 목포국제축구센터 물놀이장 내달 18일까지 Water Park Inside the Mokpo International Football Center to be Run Until August 18th Mokpo International Football Center will operate its water park facility until August 18th from 10 a.m. … 07-09 5618
20600 TEXT 세월호 2차 공판 어제 열려 Second Round of Trial Opened Yesterday In the second trial held for the 15 crew members held responsible for the sinking of the Sewol ferry and for abandoning the passengers was held yesterday in Gwangju District … 07-09 5756
20599 TEXT 광주시청자미디어센터, 섬마을 주민들과 미디어체험 Gwangju Community Media Center to Host Media Experience Program in Remote Areas Gwangju Community Media Center will host a ‘Youth Media Festival’ in culturally neglected regio… 07-09 5321
20598 TEXT ‘여순사건 특별법’ 제정되나 Yeo-Sun Incident Special Law May be Under Review for Enactment Main opposition New Politics Alliance for Democracy lawmaker Mr. Ju Seung-yong, representing Yeosu, reportedly asked for cooperation of the nati… 07-09 5674
20597 TEXT 아시아 창작 스토리 문화콘텐츠로 Asian Folk Tales Turned into Cultural Contents Folk tales and old stories inherited by Asian nations will be transformed into cultural content through an international contest hosted by the Ministry of C… 07-09 5211
20596 TEXT 전남지역 625 학도병 기념식 열린다 Commemorative Ceremony for Fallen Soldiers in Korean War to be Held A commemorative ceremony for student soldiers in Jeollanamdo during the Korean War will be held on July 14th at the June 25th Student … 07-09 5204
20595 TEXT 광주전남 대학 평균 유지취업률 70% Local University Employment Rate Stands at 70 Percent Regional universities in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo recorded an average maintained employment rate of 73 percent among four-year universities and 76 per… 07-10 5300
20594 TEXT 농산물 가격 하락, 농민 시름 깊다 Price Fall in Farming Goods Places Burdens on Farmers Amidst the continuous downward trend in prices of farming goods produced domestically, farmers in Jeollanamdo face great struggles this year. Accord… 07-10 5321
20593 TEXT 신안 단호박 일본 수출길 Shinan-grown Sweet Pumpkins to be Exported to Japan 400 tons of Shinan-grown sweet pumpkins will be exported to Japan this year. The harvest of sweet pumpkins produced in Shinan has been underway since the end of … 07-10 5150
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