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18701 TEXT NEW POST 여수시 20억원 들여 연말까지 '스마트 교통도시' 조성 Yeosu(여수) City to inject 2 billion won to create 'Smart Traffic City' by the end of this year Yeosu(여수) City of Jeonnam Province revealed on Mar. 4th tha… 03-04 6
18700 TEXT NEW POST 광주시, 최중증 발달장애인 연중무휴 돌본다…40명 우선 대상 Gwangju City to take care of severe developmentally disabled residents with no break Gwangju City is initiating a 24 hour care service for severely developmentally disable… 03-04 4
18699 TEXT NEW POST 광주 남구, 이산가족 영상 기록 추진…전국 지자체 최초 Gwangju's Namgu(남구) to promote separated families' video recording for the first time across the country Gwangju City's Namgu(남구) district revealed on Mar. 4… 03-04 4
18698 TEXT NEW POST "직장서 감염 뒤 가족 전염" 광주 3명 추가…누적2108명 Gwangju adds 3 to total 2,108 Gwangju City had 3 additional infection cases to total 2,108 within the city so far. According to the health authorities on Mar. 4th,… 03-04 4
18697 TEXT NEW POST 광주 병원급 이상 입원환자·종사자 94% 동의…6일부터 접종 Gwangju'sinpatients and employees show 94% agreement for inoculation The Gwangju region's hospital-sized medical institutions will begin the COVID 19 inoculations… 03-04 3
18696 TEXT NEW POST 농어촌 외국인 근로자, 입국 후 지역 건강보험 가입 Farming and Fishing villages' foreign laborerseligible to join local Health Insurance upon entrance Foreign laborers entering the country to work at farming and fishing villages … 03-04 7
18695 TEXT NEW POST 광주서 코로나19 하루 확진자 나흘째 한 자릿수 Gwangju's single digit infection cases continue for 4th day Gwangju City is continuing to have COVID19 transmission at a single-digit rate. According to the City's health authori… 03-04 7
18694 TEXT NEW POST 광주경찰, 시내 모든 도로서 암행순찰차 운영 Gwangju Police to operate secret patrols on all roads within the city The Gwangju Police Agency revealed on Mar. 3rd that there will be secret or undercover patrols operated on all roads wit… 03-04 18
18693 TEXT NEW POST "73년 만에 한 풀리나"…여순사건 특별법 제정 '가시화' Yeosu-Suncheon(여순) Incident Special Law establishment discussed There is a Special Law being realized to recover the honor of the victims of the Yeosu-Suncheon(여순) … 03-04 5
18692 TEXT 광주 도시철도 2호선 1단계 전기공사 발주 Gwangju Inner-City Metro Line No. 2 1st phase electrical construction Gwangju City revealed on Mar. 3rd that a total of 12 projects of electrical construction were uploaded for bidding at the Korea … 03-03 6
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