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17807 TEXT NEW POST 광주시의회서 '군·민간공항 전남 이전' 재검토 목소리 확산(종합) Gwangju City Council says 'Review needed for Military, Private Airports Transfer to Jeonnam' Gwangju City Council is asking that the Gwangju… 08:13 1
17806 TEXT NEW POST 제주·대구·고양·광명서도 독감백신 접종후 사망…전국 총 9명(종합) Jeju(제주), Daegu(대구), Goyang(고양), GwangMyung(광명) to have casualty cases after flu shots, total 9 within the country There were 9 casualt… 08:13 1
17805 TEXT NEW POST 전일빌딩 245, 한국관광공사 추천 '숨은 관광지' 선정 JeonIl(전일) Building 245, selected by Korea Tourism Organization as 'Hidden Tourism Site' The JeonIl(전일) Building 245 of Gwangju City was selected as a '… 08:13 1
17804 TEXT NEW POST 광주시, 22일 국회서 국감…행정 통합·공항 문제 등 쟁점 예상 Gwangju City's heated issues to be dealt with at National Audit of the Government on Oct. 22nd Gwangju City's National Audit of the Government is one day away. … 08:12 1
17803 TEXT NEW POST 광주시, '열린 정부 파트너십' 가입…서울시 이어 두 번째 Gwangju City registered for 'Open Government Partnership', 2nd City after Seoul(서울) Gwangju City revealed on Oct. 21st that the Cityjoined the 'Open… 08:12 1
17802 TEXT NEW POST 광주시의회서 '군·민간공항 전남 이전' 재검토 목소리 확산 Gwangju City Council 'Military, Private Airport Transfer to Jeonnam' to be reviewed again Gwangju City Council is voicing for a review of the Gwangju Milit… 08:12 1
17801 TEXT NEW POST Fears grow in S. Korea over suspected flu shot deaths 독감 백신 접종 사망 케이스늘면서 시민 불안감 확산 Concerns over the safety of seasonal flu shots are mounting here after more potential flu shot fatalities were reported Wed. This… 08:12 1
17800 TEXT NEW POST 국내 코로나19 확진자 총 25,424 총 91명 추가, 6일 연속 100명 이하 확진자, 산발적 집단감염 지속되 COVID 19 daily infections add 91 to total 25,424, new virus cases under 100 for 6th day, still concern over cluster infections … 08:12 1
17799 TEXT NEW POST ASEAN-ROK Culture Innovation Summit held in Gwangju 한·아세안 문화장관,광주 모인다…문화예술 협력 논의 The 2020 ASEAN-ROK Culture Innovation Summit started today, at which cultural arts cooperationmeasures arediscussed. Our Jongm… 08:12 1
17798 TEXT NEW POST 광주 송정역 수요예측 실패 "주차난, 교통체증" 초래 Gwangju SongJung(송정) Station demand assessment failure, 'parking troubles and traffic congestion' Gwangju Station is practically having difficulties with normal opera… 10-21 13
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