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17296 TEXT NEW POST 광주 1만5763가구 재난지원금 미신청…24일 마감 15,763 Gwangju households didn't apply for the Disaster Support Fund Gwangju City revealed on Aug. 12th that the governmental emergency disaster support fund registration will be due o… 17:37 3
17295 TEXT NEW POST '코로나 타격' 광주 관광·문화예술·교통·체육업계 응급 지원 Gwangju Tourism, Culture, Arts, Transportation, and Sports industries with emergency support from Covid19 impact Gwangju City decided to offer emergency support… 17:37 3
17294 TEXT NEW POST 집중호우 피해 광주·전남 중소기업 자금 지원 Small and medium businesses with heavy rainfall damage within Gwangju Jeonnam region to be supported Gwangju City and Jeonnam province revealed on Aug. 12th that there will be a management sta… 17:37 2
17293 TEXT NEW POST 광주·전남 폭우 피해액'눈덩이'…4천억원 넘어서(종합) Gwangju Jeonnam heavy rainfall damage mounts to over 400 billion won The Jeonnam region's amount of damage from the heavy rainfall is accumulating. This is as an add… 17:37 3
17292 TEXT NEW POST 문대통령"특별재난지역, 시군 단위 안되면 읍면동 단위로 검토" President Moon, "Special Disaster Regions, consider units of Township or Towns" President Moon JaeIn(문재인) revealed on Aug. 12th a plan of designating damaged areas… 17:37 4
17291 TEXT NEW POST 국내 코로나19확진자총14,714, 총 54명 추가, 서울 롯데리아 직원19명 모임에서 지금까지 10명 확진 Domestic COVID 19 infections total 14,714, increased by 54, Seoul(서울) Lotteria employee meeting leads to 10 infected so far … 17:36 3
17290 TEXT NEW POST 광주서 우즈벡 입국 6명 양성 판정…누적 216명 Gwangju discovers six new coronavirus strains from visitors from Uzbekistan There were 6 additional infection cases discovered within Gwangju City who are overseas entrants from Uzbekistan. Ou… 17:36 3
17289 TEXT NEW POST `최악 물난리' 전남 피해액 `눈덩이'…3500억 넘어서Jeonnam's damage from rainfall exceeds over 350 billion won Jeonnam region's damage from the heavy rainfall experienced recently is exceeding 350 billion won. This … 11:24 13
17288 TEXT NEW POST 영산강 상류 4개댐도 물관리 실패 Yeongsan(영산) River's 4 upstream damsfail for function during the heavy rainfall It was suggested that the 'Yeongsan(영산) River's 4 upstream dams were a cause of the massive flooding damag… 11:23 12
17287 TEXT NEW POST 광주 수해복구 돕는다…공무원·군인·시민 등 2천명 참여 Gwangju flood recovery process with 2,000 people participating Gwangju City's public officers, soldiers, and citizens are helping with the flood recovery processes. 1,6… 07:53 15
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