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4112 TEXT 광주 남구, 결식아동 '겨울방학 급식' 실시 Gwangju’s Namgu District to Provide Free Meals for Children The City of Gwangju will offer free meals for local children in Namgu District over winter vacation. The District will r… 12-28 2046
4111 TEXT 광주도시철도 9개역 스크린도어 설치된다…내년 1월 착공 Gwangju Metropolitan Transit Corporation to Install Protective Subway Platform Doors The Gwangju Metropolitan Transit Corporation has stated that the construction of protect… 12-28 2127
4110 TEXT 목포시, 2015 전남도 일자리창출 평가 최우수상 Mokpo Designated as Best Job Creation City in Jeonnam Jeollanamdo’s Mokpo City announced on the 28th that it was awarded the grand prize in the 2015 Job Creation Evaluation hosted by Jeol… 12-28 2252
4109 TEXT 여수시 시정 10대 성과 '관광객1300만 달성' 1위 Attracting 13 Million Visitors Selected as Yeosu’s Top Achievement of 2015 Jeollanamdo’s Yeosu City and the Municipal Mediation Committee have announced that the attraction o… 12-28 2159
4108 TEXT 나주 혁신산업단지 28일 준공식 Naju Industrial Complex Reaches Completion December 28th The ceremony for the completion of the Naju Innovation Industrial Complex will take place on December 28th. After 8 years of development, the large-sca… 12-28 2132
4107 TEXT 광주의 상징 전일빌딩 활용 'EPIC센터'? '앵커호텔'? Gwangju Announces Jeonil Building Utilization Measures Gwangju Metropolitan City has announced utilization measures for the historic downtown Jeonil Building. Acc… 12-28 2232
4106 TEXT 광주시 "丙申年은 뿌리산업 진흥 원년"…14조원 달성 전망 Gwangju City to Encourage Local Root Industry Next year Gwangju City will encourage the local root industry to participate in its ‘1 Million Unit Automobile Project’ to he… 12-28 2140
4105 TEXT 광주 송·신년행사 시민축제로 Gwangju’s Civic Festival for New Year to be held at 5.18 Democratic Square. Gwangju Metropolitan City has stated that the ‘2015 Civic Festival for the New year’ will be held at the 5.18 Democratic Square … 12-28 2069
4104 TEXT 광주시, 31일 `민주의 종각'역사 안내판 제막 Gwangju City Installs Historic Sign Board for Democratic Belfry Gwangju Metropolitan City has announced that it will hold an unveiling ceremony for the installation of a historic sign boar… 12-28 2136
4103 TEXT "개관 한달 亞문화전당을 돌아보니…" 변화와 과제 One Month After Opening, ACC Faces Successes, Challenges Despite attracting high numbers of visitors, one month after its official opening, the Asia Culture Center continues to raise … 12-25 2156
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