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2723 TEXT 동부교육지원청 '학부모 아카데미' 개강 East District Office to Open Academy for School Parents The East District Office of Education opened an academy for school parents last week starting with Ilgok Elementary School as a foot… 05-26 1940
2722 TEXT 윤장현 광주시장, 日 센다이시와 우호협력관계 논의 Gwangju City Mayor to Discuss Cooperation of Friendship with Sendai City in Japan Gwangju city mayor, Yoon Jang Hyun, visited Gwangju’s sister city in Japan, Sendai, to discuss wi… 05-26 2078
2721 TEXT 호남 KTX 개통 후 목포 관광객 늘다 Visitors to Mokpo to Increase After The Opening of Bullet Train More tourists have been surging into Mokpo in Jeollanamdo since the opening of the new bullet train. According to the city of Mokpo yesterd… 05-26 1858
2720 TEXT 광주지방검찰청, 청소년 상담실 설치 Gwangju District Prosecutor’s Office to Install Youth Counseling Center Gwangju District Prosecutor’s Office announced yesterday the installation of a youth counseling center in order to prevent ju… 05-26 2113
2719 TEXT 빛가람 혁신도시 생활여건 개선, 가속도 붙는다 Improvement in Living Environment in Bitgaram Innovative City to Speed Up Improvements in the living environment in the Gwangju and Jeollanamdo Joint Innovative City in Bitgaram wil… 05-26 1975
2718 TEXT 무안공항 이용객 2만명 늘었다 The Number of Passengers at Muan International Airport Increases by 20,000 The total number of passengers using Muan International Airport increased by 77 percent year on year with significant growth observ… 05-26 2067
2717 TEXT 유니버시아드 해외 성화, 프랑스-대만 돌아 광주 도착 Torch Lit Overseas Arrives in Gwangju after Stopping in France and Taiwan A torch that was lit overseas for the first time at the Sorbonne University in Paris has arrived in Gw… 05-26 1911
2716 TEXT 삼성전자 U대회 공식 후원, 전자제품 9,000여대 지원한다 Samsung Electronics to Officially Sponsor the Universiade with Nearly 9,000 Products Samsung Electronics, which recently became an official sponsor of the 2015 Gwangju Summe… 05-26 2167
2715 TEXT 광주지검, U대회 성공개최 적극 나선다 Gwangju Prosecution's Office to Cooperate in Successful Hosting of the Universiade Gwangju Regional Prosecution's Office is actively engaged in various promotional activities for the 20… 05-26 2046
2714 TEXT '임을 위한 행진곡' 토크 콘서트 열린다 Talk Concert on the 'March for the Beloved' to be Held A Talk Concert, which will introduce the background of the creation of the symbolic May 18th song, 'March for the Be… 05-26 1988
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