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2702 TEXT 전남도 – 에너지 기술연구원, 연구개발 업무 협약 Jeollanamdo – Energy Technology Research Institutes to Sign MOU on Research Development Jeollanamdo signed a memorandum of understanding with the Korea Energy Technology Institute… 05-25 1975
2701 TEXT 일찍 떠나는 6월 휴가족 는다 Early Bird Tourists on Upward Trend The number of tourists traveling in the month of June, which is traditionally an off-season for domestic and international tourism in Korea, continues to record an upward tre… 05-25 2102
2700 TEXT 식중독 예보지수 문자서비스 제공하는 광주광역시 The City of Gwangju to provide text messaging service of food poisoning forecast index The Gwangju Metropolitan City announced yesterday that, due to the recent rise in temperatures, … 05-22 2171
2699 TEXT 광주광역시, 무상보육 긴급 지원하다 The city of Gwangju Support Free Child Care As the local education office was unable to secure the budget to provide free child care of daycare center, Gwangju Metropolitan City has decided to take eme… 05-22 2180
2698 TEXT 광주시 광산구, 외지인 투기 막다 Gwangju Gwangsangu District to withhold speculation of foreigners The Gwangsangu district announced plans to limit the residence period of the newly distributed apartments, which now requires people to live… 05-22 2025
2697 TEXT 전남도립국악단, '남도소리울림터' 연다 Jeollanamdo Provincial institute for Korean Traditional Performing Art to open ‘Namdo Sori Ullimteo’ The auditorium for Korean Traditional Performing Art, Namdo Sori Ullimteo, will so… 05-22 2188
2696 TEXT 광주지방경찰청, ‘비보호 겸용 좌회전’ 시범 운영 The Gwangju Metropolitan Police Agency to carry on permitted left turn in demonstration The Gwangju Metropolitan Police Agency announced yesterday that the average delay time for … 05-22 2350
2695 TEXT 곡성 세계장미 축제 오늘 개막 Gokseong World Rose Festival Kicks Off Today The 2015 Gokseong World Rose Festival will be held from today through the 31st at the Seomjin River Train Village and its Rose Park, which was selected as one of … 05-22 2337
2694 TEXT 순천만 세계 동물영화제 오늘 개막 Suncheon Bay World Animal Film Festival Open Today The 3rd Suncheon Bay World Animal Film Festival will be held from today until the 28th at Suncheon Bay Garden. The opening ceremony will be held from… 05-22 2408
2693 TEXT 광주시민 3,000여명, ‘시민의 날’ 행사 참여 3,000 Citizens Attend ‘Citizens’ Day’ Event at the Old Jeollanamdo Provincial Hall Some 3,000 citizens attended the citizens’ day event held at the old Jeollanamdo provincial hall y… 05-22 2963
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