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2682 TEXT U대회 시민 서포터즈 발대식 오늘 열린다 Inaugural Ceremony for Citizen Supporters of the Universiade to be Held Today In line with the 50th anniversary of Citizens’ Day, the inaugural ceremony for citizen supporters of the 2015 Gw… 05-21 2159
2681 TEXT 아시아문화개발원, ‘아시아 놀이터’ 프로그램 운영한다 Asia Culture Development Institute to Operate ‘Children’s Playground’ Program The national Asian Culture Complex and its governing body, the Asia Culture Development… 05-21 1978
2680 TEXT 518 단체, 김무성 대표에 “물 세례” 사과 May 18th Groups Apologize Saenuri Chair Kim for Water Bottle Incident in Gwangju May 18th groups in Gwangju have apologized to the chairman of the ruling Saenuri party, Kim Mu-seong, who visite… 05-21 2003
2679 TEXT 윤장현 광주시장, ‘배타성 버리고 열린 518로 나아가자’ Gwangju Mayor Suggests May 18th Should Evolve into Open-minded Citizen Event Gwangju Mayor Yoon Jang-hyeon has suggested that citizens and May 18th related groups should c… 05-21 2174
2678 TEXT 미 언론인 팀 샤록, ‘북한군, 518 활동 기록 없다’ American Journalist Claims ‘No Evidence of North Korean Troops in Gwangju during the May 18th’ American journalist, Tim Shorrock, who has been seeking the truth behind the large… 05-21 2092
2677 TEXT 광주신세계갤러리, ‘아트 터치’ 전시 Gwangju Shinsegae Art Gallery to exhibit ‘Art Touch’ The Gwangju Shinsegae Art Gallery is gaining attention from audiences as it exhibits ‘Alive Art Gallery-Art Touch’ until the first day o… 05-20 1941
2676 TEXT 목표액 200% 달성한 ‘세월호 기억의 숲’ 모금 Fund-Raising for ‘Memorial Forest of Sewol Ferry’ to reach 200% of target figure Fund-raising for organizing the ‘Memorial Forest of Sewol Ferry’ near Paengmok Harbor in the Jindo d… 05-20 2003
2675 TEXT 토요상설공연 참가작 공모하는 광주문화재단 Gwangju Cultural Foundation to Recruit Participating Works of Saturday Regular Performance The Traditional Culture Center of the Gwangju Cultural Foundation is recruiting performance works t… 05-20 2022
2674 TEXT 광주평화연극제 우수상은 ‘내 아이에게’로 The Play ‘To My Child’ wins honorary award at Peace Theater Festival in Gwangju Commemorating the agony of the Sewol Ferry Accident, the play ‘To My Child’ was given an honor award a… 05-20 2097
2673 TEXT ‘안전마을 만들기 사업’에 선정된 광양 도촌마을과 신안 진리마을 Dochon Village in Gwangyang and Jilli Village in Shinan Selected as ‘Making Safe Village Business’ The Dochon Village in Taeindong, Gwangyang and Jilli Vi… 05-20 2175
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