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485 TEXT 순천시 세계적 생태도시 브라질 꾸리찌바와 자매결연 Suncheon Becomes a Sister City with Ecological City of Curitiba in Brazil Mayor of the city of Suncheon, Jo Chung-hoon, and his counterpart in the Brazilian ecological city of C… 08-08 3615
484 TEXT 요한 바오르 2세 광주방문기념비, 프란치스코 교황 방한 기념 제막 Memorial Monument for Pope John Paul II to be Unveiled when Pope Francisco Visits Korea A memorial monument to commemorate the visit of Pope John Paul II, who c… 08-08 3954
483 TEXT 이정현, 새누리당 최고위원 지명 Rep. Lee Jeong-hyun Appointed as the First Commissioner of the Ruling Saenuri Party The ruling Saenuri Party appointed Rep. Lee Jeong-hyun from the Suncheon -Gokseong district as the first commissioner of … 08-08 3313
482 TEXT 광주전남 혁신도시, 주변도로에 첨단 교통 시스템 구축 Gwangju and Jeollanamdo Innovation City to be Equipped with Cutting Edge Transportation System A cutting edge transportation system will be established in the surrounding high… 08-08 3493
481 TEXT 농업박람회 전남도 농업기술원에서 10월 23일 개막 Agricultural Exposition to be Held from October 23rd The 12th Korea Agriculture Expo will be held from October 23rd to November 2nd at the Jeonam Agricultural Research and Extension … 08-08 3402
480 TEXT 중국 문화부장 “중국 문화원 광주분원 설립 추진” Chinese Cultural Minister Promises to Establish China Culture Center in Gwangju China’s Cultural Chief of the State Council, Cai Wu, has reportedly announced that he and the cul… 08-08 3424
479 TEXT 나주시 ‘시민소통 조례’ 입법 예고 Naju Announces ‘Ordinance Focusing on Communication with the Citizens’ The city of Naju recently announced the formation of a municipal ordinance focusing on reinforcing communication with the ad… 08-07 3089
478 TEXT ‘지리산 케이블카’ 논란 재점화 Disputes over Cable Car in Jiri Mountain Sparks Controversy Upon the Environment Ministry’s press release indicating that it will choose the main operator of the cable car on Mt. Jiri from candidate cit… 08-07 4336
477 TEXT 국제광산업전시회 D-60, 340여개 부스 참가신청 D-60 til the Kick Off of International Photonics Exhibition A total of 340 domestic and international photonics business corporations have applied for participation in the International Pho… 08-07 3232
476 TEXT 광주비엔날레, ‘세월오월’ 최종작 보고 전시여부 결정 Gwangju Biennale to Decide Display of ‘Sewol Owol’ after it is Complete The city of Gwangju recently disapproved the exhibition of a painting work, ‘Sewol Owol’, pr… 08-07 3774
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