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623 TEXT 전남도, 공중이용시설 금연 집중 단속 Jeollanamdo to Crackdown on Smoking in Public Facilities Jeollanamdo has announced it will carry out inspections and crackdowns on smoking in public facilities across the province all this week. In… 08-26 3605
622 TEXT 지역 대기업 추석때 5-6일 쉰다 Local Conglomerates to Take Break for Chuseok Holiday Welcoming one of Korea’s two biggest traditional holidays, Chuseok, or Korean Thanksgiving Day, local conglomerates in Gwangju will take a break for the … 08-26 3921
621 TEXT 전남대 박물관, 내일부터 독도 순회전시회 CNU Museum to Host Dokdo Exhibition Jeonam National University Museum will host a special Dokdo exhibition at its main exhibition hall from August 27th to September 25th with the theme, ‘Our … 08-26 3616
620 TEXT 영화 ‘명량’ 미국 개봉 7일만에 12억원 수입 Box Office Sales of ‘Roaring Currents’ Marks 1.2 Billion Won in 7 Days The movie, ‘Myeongnyang’, or ‘Roaring Currents’, about Korea’s legendary naval commander, Admiral Yi Su… 08-26 3664
619 TEXT 세월호 참사이후 안전인식 달라졌다 Safety Awareness Among Citizens Much Improved After Ferry Disaster As insensitivity toward safety is considered to be the major cause of the April 16th Sewol Ferry disaster, which claimed more than 290… 08-26 3495
618 TEXT 광주-제주 저비용 여객기 내달 4일 취항 Low Cost Flights to be In Service in Gwangju Airport Low cost flights traveling between Gwangju and Jeju will be in service at Gwangju Airport starting September 4th. According to the city of Gwa… 08-26 3564
617 TEXT 광주지하철 ‘토-일 + 공휴일’ 자전거 휴대 가능 Subways in Gwangju Now Allow Bikers to Carry their Bikes on Subway The Gwangju Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation has announced that bikers will now be able to carry their bicycle… 08-26 3751
616 TEXT 무안군, 버스비만 내는 ‘행복 택시’ 운행 확대 Muan Expands Operation of ‘Happy Taxi’ System One of the citizen transportation welfare projects in Muan, the ‘Happy Taxi’ system will be expanded from the previous 9 to 19 plac… 08-26 3788
615 TEXT 여수 자산공원서 인천 아시안 게임’ 성화 봉송’ Torch Light for Incheon Asian Games Comes to Yeosu The torch for the upcoming Incheon Asian Games that was initially lit in the host city of Incheon on August 12th will arrive at the … 08-26 3579
614 TEXT 전남도, ‘남도 가을 단풍’ 홍콩에 알리기 총력 Jeollanamdo to Promote ‘Namdo Autum Foliage’ in Hong Kong Jeollanamdo will promote popular provincial tourist attractions known for their autumn foliage with the cooperation of the… 08-26 3750
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