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582 TEXT 12개국 국제활동가 5월 정신 배운다 International Human Rights Activists to Learn ‘May Spirit’ in Gwangju The May 18th Memorial Foundation has announced that it will host a ‘May 18th Academy’ featuring the participation of 18 hum… 08-20 4008
581 TEXT 세월호 승무원 2명, 승객 구조 참여 확인 Trial Finds 2 Crewmembers Took Part in the Rescue Operation At the Sewol Ferry accident trial held yesterday, testimony revealed that some of the crewmembers took part in rescue operation of the p… 08-20 4049
580 TEXT 광주지법, 세월호 재판 안산지원 생중계 Gwangju District Court Broadcasted Sewol Ferry Trial Live to Suwon Court The trial of crewmembers of the Sewol ferry indicted on charges of manslaughter and violation of maritime safety laws was b… 08-20 4632
579 TEXT 광주 UN 유스리더십 호남대서 개막 United Nations Youth Leadership Kicks Off at Honam University A joint project with the Organizing Committee for the 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade and United Nations Office for Sports Development and Pe… 08-20 4004
578 TEXT 경남 양산에 22일-23일, ‘진도 특산물 장터’ Jindo Farmers’ Market to be Held in Yangsan in South Gyeongsang Province A Jindo Farmers’ Market featuring Jindo-grown farming and fisheries goods will be opened in Yangsan city in Sout… 08-20 4231
577 TEXT 김종덕 문화체육부장관 후보, ‘특별전 파행에도 개입 없다’ Minister Nominee for Cultural Ministry Says ‘No Ministerial Intervention in Gwangju Biennale Special Project Exhibition’ Nominee for the Minister of Culture, Spor… 08-20 4138
576 TEXT 노태우, 11개 훈장 반납안했다 Former President Roh Tae-woo Never Returned 11 Honorary Medals Former President Roh Tae-woo, a military ruler who was sentenced to return 11 honorary medals granted by the national government during his presid… 08-20 4188
575 TEXT 광주 지하철 2호선 건설방식 바뀌나 Construction Method for Gwangju Subway Route 2 May be Changed As the city of Gwangju has decided to build Gwangju’s second subway route using the lowest budget possible, attention is focused on the c… 08-20 3928
574 TEXT 전남도 ‘명량 마케팅’ 분주 Jeollanamdo Gets Busy With ‘Myeongnyang Marketing’ Amidst the growing popularity of the movie, ‘Myeongnyang’ that is themed after Korea’s legendary naval hero, Admiral Yi Sun-shin, Jeollanamdo has beg… 08-20 4024
573 TEXT 인천 아시안게임 광주전남 선수 82명 출전 82 Gwangju and Jeonam Athletes to Compete in the Incheon Asian Games A total of 82 athletes based in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo will compete in the 2014 Incheon Asian Games set to take place from … 08-20 3971
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