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20450 TEXT 삼성전자 광주공장 집단 감염 여파…초·중 3곳 전수검사 Samsung(삼성) Electronics Gwangju plant cluster transmission impact, 3 elementary and middle schools under enumeration tests As a result of the cluster transmission cases that … 11-08 19
20449 TEXT 국내거주 외국인 주민 215만명…코로나19 여파로 3.2% 감소 Foreigner residents within the country account for 2.15 million, 3.2% drop due to COVID19 The number of foreign residents within the country was counted at 2.15 million people as… 11-16 20
20448 TEXT 국내 출생 외국인아동에 신원확인용 등록번호 부여 추진 Foreign children born within the country to be provided Registration Numbers for identification There is a promotion of providing registration numbers for all foreign children bo… 11-26 20
20447 TEXT 건강보험수혜외국인늘어,중국인이70% Foreigner Health Insurance beneficiaries increased, Chinese form 70% The number of foreigners insured by the Korean National Health Insurance has exceeded 1.2 million. Also, the number of dependents r… 11-09 20
20446 TEXT '광주 대기업 사업장→초·중학교' 7명 추가감염…누적25명(종합) Gwangju with 7 additional elementary and middle school students infected originating from a major corporation, 25 accumulated Gwangju City had 17 new patients … 11-10 20
20445 TEXT 여수 화학물질 제조 공장서 원유 대량 유출 Yeosu(여수) Chemical Substance Production Factory with crude oil mass leakage Jeonnam’s Yeosu(여수) City had an accident with mass leakage of crude oil from a chemical factory. As part of… 11-11 20
20444 TEXT 광주시, 21∼22일 세계양궁연맹 현지실사 준비 Gwangju preparing for onsite inspection for World Archery Federation on the 21st and 22nd Gwangju City revealed on the 11th that there are preparations ongoing for an onsite inspection by the W… 11-11 20
20443 TEXT 광주시, 내년도 예산 7조121억원 편성…올해 대비 11% 증가 Gwangju City assigned 7.01 trillion won for next year's budget, 11% rise compared to this year Gwangju City submitted next year's budget of 7.01 trillion won worth t… 11-11 20
20442 TEXT 광주 광산구 '위드 코로나 안심 자치단체' 민간 인증 Gwangju Gwangsangu(광산구), 'With CORONA Safe Municipality' Civil Certification Gwangju’s Gwansangu(광산구) district was certified for 'With CORONA Safe… 11-01 21
20441 TEXT 광주 비정규직 평균 월급164만원…정규직 절반 수준 Gwangju Irregular Workers' Average Salary1.6 million won, half of Regular Workers' It was discovered that the average monthly salary of irregular workers in Gwangju City was h… 11-11 21
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