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16210 TEXT 민주 광주·전남 '집안 싸움', 본선 '적신호' Democratic Party having internal 'fights', alarm for the actual election There is an alarm about the upcoming election for the Democratic Party of Korea where Gwang… 03-19 61
16209 TEXT 코스피 1,450선 마감, 원/달러 환율 1,245.7원 KOSPI falls below 1,450, won to dollar exchange rate closed at 1,285.7 won On Mar. 19th, the KOSPI, or the Korea Composite Stock Price Index dropped over 8% to 1,450. Also, with the continuing… 03-19 61
16208 TEXT 전남 구례 꽃 구경 부산60대 남녀 확진 Jeonnam Gurye(구례) County flower blossoms visitors include 2 infected people in their 60s from Busan A male and female couple in their 60s who visited Jeonnam Gurye(구례) County for the flower blossom… 03-23 61
16207 TEXT 기업·금융시장에100조원 긴급 투입 100 trillion won emergency aid for corporate and financial markets The government decided to mobilize emergency funding worth 100 trillion won for the Korean economy which is currently in critical condition … 03-24 61
16206 TEXT "신천지 대구교회 다녀왔다" 주장 후 도주 소동 20대 기소 Male in his 20s who created a scene asserting to have attended Shincheonji Daegu(대구) Church indicted A male in his 20s who asserted he had visited Shincheonji Daegu(대구… 03-27 61
16205 TEXT KBO 도쿄올림픽 사전 등록 명단111명 발표 KBO Tokyo Olympics pre-registration list of 111 players announced The list of KBO players to be pre-registered for the Tokyo Olympics is confirmed. From the Tigers, 9 players are included on the l… 03-17 62
16204 TEXT 광주 문화관광 브랜드 '오매광주' 캐릭터 '오매나'로 결정 Gwangju's culture tourism brand 'OhMae(오매) Gwagju' character decided as 'OhMaeNa(오매나) Gwangju's'OhMae(오매) Gwang… 03-19 62
16203 TEXT "유럽발 코로나19 유입 막는다"…22일부터 입국자 전원 진단검사 "Halt COVID19 influx from Europe", all entrants tested from Mar. 22nd All inbound traffic entering from European countries to Korea will be tested for COVID19 from Ma… 03-20 62
16202 TEXT 광주 제조업체 10곳 중 7곳 이상, 코로나19 피해 호소 7 out of 10 manufacturing companies within Gwangju make claims for COVID19 damages A survey shows 7 out of 10 manufacturing companies within Gwangju are experiencing difficulties due t… 03-27 62
16201 TEXT 광주광역시,올해 다함께돌봄센터16곳 설치 Gwangju to establish 16 Community-Based Childcare Centers within this year Gwangju city revealed on Apr. 6ththat 16 Community-Based Childcare Centers will be established within the city this year.… 04-07 62
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